Saving the environment by transforming energy through innovation

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The issue

Energy is required to power industry, business and society, and provides mobility and comfort. Clearly, it is an important part of our lives. The production and consumption of energy, however, has put significant pressure on the environment, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions and damage to natural ecosystems. With the growth of the world’s population, the demand for energy is increasing and there is a greater reliance on oil, gas and coal to supply it as most countries depend on fossil fuels to satisfy their energy requirements.

We are caught in a vicious circle—as the economy grows, so does energy consumption and the move towards a low carbon society is not occurring fast enough. This trend is unsustainable. How long can we remain on this path?

Let’s debate this issue and discuss solutions. Let’s challenge ourselves to act and find answers. It is timely to share ideas. We need to alter our behavior in order to protect the environment. Pursuing policies that foster affordable energy and increase productivity is the best way to tackle the challenge. And the solution lies in innovation and technological transformation: we must facilitate and further the research, development and commercialization of new clean energy technologies.

Action by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the most influential business association in Canada with a network of over 340 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, representing 175,000 businesses of all sizes in all regions and sectors. The Canadian Chamber is focused on fostering a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits Canada and improves the standard of living. The primary and vital connection between business and the federal government, it continually demonstrates impact on public policy.

Energy is a key policy priority for the Canadian Chamber.  We have been actively promoting the need for a Canadian Sustainable Energy Strategy that comprehensively addresses the many policy issues, challenges and opportunities for energy producers and users; and encouraging the development of a new greenhouse gas (GHG) regulatory framework with achievable objectives.

What is the Economic Edge?

We are also advancing debate of this issue in order to cultivate the flow of creative ideas. Presented by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, The Economic Edge is a national business summit for Canada’s most influential business leaders, politicians, academics and some of the world’s most important thought leaders. It presents a forum to discuss Canadian competitiveness, the ability to innovate and become more productive, and the economic prosperity of all Canadians. The highly successful inaugural event was held on October 21, 2009, in Toronto.  

Canada’s premier thought leadership event is now back! The Economic Edge will take place on September 28, 2010, in Gatineau, Quebec. In its second year, The Economic Edge will tackle a key issue for Canadian competitiveness – energy innovation. It will be presented by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) and co-sponsored by the Canada School of Energy and the Environment (CSEE). The conference will bring together executive and senior-level professionals in the energy sector to discuss how technology will fundamentally change the energy industry for both producers and users. Mark your calendars – this is an event not to be missed.

“Energy is one of Canada’s greatest resources and it is vital to the economy in every part of the country,” says Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “Real opportunities remain to create even more value for Canada than it already gets from the energy sector-more jobs, more investment and more tax revenues.”

This year’s Economic Edge is a must-attend event that is a crucial step in evaluating innovation and productivity in Canada. It will focus on transforming technology through innovation and what needs to be done in future to move forward. Topics like Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy, Why does Canada need an Energy Strategy? and Remaining an Energy Leader will be covered by an impressive list of influential speakers. Those invited to speak include Hon. David Emerson, Hon. Jim Prentice and the Premiers of Alberta and Quebec. Joining them will be a prestigious group of panelists providing invaluable insights from their experiences in business, politics and academia.

Additional action – The Chamber’s Energy Report

The conference timing coincides with the recent release of the report, Powering up Canadian prosperity: Growing the energy-sector value chain. Published on July 13, 2010, it is the second in a series of reports on how the energy sector can bolster Canadian prosperity. The report explores actions that would help to enable growth in the entire energy value chain. Growing our energy value chain will continue to be one of Canada’s best opportunities for a competitive advantage in the global economy. By encouraging the development of the energy sector and its entire value chain, we will leverage its vast resource base, providing even greater benefits for all Canadians – more jobs, more investment and more tax revenues – that can be used to pay for Canadian social programs and other government priorities.

The fact that energy is Canada’s strategic advantage is clear.  Let’s debate the issue. Let’s discuss how to move forward. Let’s hear ideas from the experts. We look forward to seeing you at The Economic Edge.

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