Structures DLD


Structures DLD is a Québec-based company that specialises in manufacturing roof trusses, floor trusses and prefabricated walls for all building sectors. Founded in 1994, Raymond Doyon and his two sons, Sylvio and Mario, work together as a team to operate the family business in La Guadeloupe. Over the years, the Doyon family has built a name for their company and Structures DLD is now an industry leader in its province. Indeed, the company has grown every year since its inception.

For those who are unfamiliar, roof trusses are the triangular frameworks that support the roof; floor joists are beams that support the floor boards; and prefabricated walls are rigid support frames with vertical, successive studs. Structures DLD makes these pieces with wood and metal plate connectors. The company’s customers are typically general contractors and lumber yard representatives.

Accelerated growth

In 2005, Structures DLD decided to expand with the acquisition of Canatruss, a complementary business located in Thetford Mines, Québec. It was a good move on the company’s part because Canatruss had already built an established distribution network in the United States, and it was able to retain its existing customers. Since the acquisition, the company’s growth has only increased.

Before that time, Structures DLD focused on manufacturing roof and floor trusses, but the Doyon family wanted to grow the prefabricated walls side of the business, due to the growing demand from its customers. For them, it became imperative to increase production capacity with a new facility, as well as build a larger skilled workforce to help them achieve the company’s goals.

Quick turnaround

Structures DLD remains ahead of the game despite the industry’s changes. One of the biggest changes has been the increasing competition. “There are companies springing up everywhere that do what we do,” says Stephane Laplante, Sales Manager for the U.S. division. “So we have to differentiate ourselves, and we do that by being fast. We’re known for it.”

“It doesn’t matter how big or small the shipment is,” Laplante continues. “Structures DLD will never say no, even when all other companies do. We’ll do what people ask, even if it requires extra working hours. We have great staff here; they work really hard. We try to avoid working evenings and weekends, but if they have to do it, they will. And we really appreciate them. Not only do they work hard, but they are also highly skilled, and finding quality labour is a challenge in our industry.”

Why is a quick turnaround so important? The construction industry’s schedule is ruled by the seasons. “Right now, all our projects are fast tracked, because our clients want their buildings to be closed before it snows,” Laplante explains. “All of the general contractors who are awarding contracts, at the moment, want their order as soon as possible; they want to have things done but Christmas. So, expedient service is very important in our field.”

In order to meet strict deadlines and customer expectations, Structures DLD has made themselves one of the best equipped in the industry. All plants have manufacturing equipment with cutting-edge technology, including automated machinery for beams. In addition, the management team never hesitates to devote resources to research and development for new manufacturing processes and equipment.

Keeping momentum

Structures DLD continues to be a major player in the field of construction, even during the recession. When asked about the key to the company’s success, Laplante talked about the industrious corporate culture. “It’s all about hard work,” he says. “Hard work pays off, after all. It’s not fancy or anything, but it is working. We are still doing well in these hard times and are selling a lot of products.”

Laplante also discusses the importance of maintaining strong relationships with long-term customers. “Most of our clients are returning buyers,” he says. “We have been able to build a solid reputation with a lot of people, and, a lot of the time, we get referrals from those longtime buyers. Customer satisfaction is important to us, because it drives our business. That’s why we respect all the promises we make to our customers, including product quality and quick delivery.” Structures DLD has developed a relationship of trust with its customers, who are considered true partners of the company. And that’s why the company’s daily goal is to keep them satisfied.