Tedesco restorations


Owner Domenic Tedesco has a degree from the University of Toronto, a background in Structural Engineering, and education in interior and exterior design. With twenty-six years of experience in the industry, he started Tedesco Restorations in 2006, focusing on serving the GTA market.  Tedesco Restorations specializes in commercial and residential spaces. Services offered include exteriors, renovation, roofing, foundation restoration, remodeling, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Following his passion for client interaction and a personal touch in every job, Tedesco swayed to the home restoration industry. “You are changing people’s lives, you are changing their homes, and you get to see the happy faces of your clients, says Tedesco. “That is why I ventured in the restoration industry. I love building stuff, and I love building something from nothing.”

The company is currently involved in some forty projects, many of which are contracts from the insurance industry. Based on high quality of work and an excellent reputation, Tedesco Restorations is a trusted name in the local trade. The flexibility, desire to take on challenging projects and wide range of services, makes the company an appealing choice.

Personal relationships are a crucial part of the construction industry. Tedesco is personally involved in every project from start to finish. “I work with the client from the beginning, doing the design, to the layout, to putting it on paper, to doing a breakdown on cost, and then the final result,” he says, “I am the first guy [my clients] see on the job site, and I am always the last guy they see… I do not just start a job and let my guys do it, I like to check up on my guys and see how they are doing, and that is very important to my clients because they see that I give it a personal approach. All of my projects are like that. I am always there.”

Long days are a norm for Tedesco, who understands the challenges from both sides, the side of the client and the side of the employee.  This understanding gives him a different perspective when assigning any particular team to a project. “You have got to have the right guys doing the right projects,” Tedesco reveals, “I never send a demolition guy to finish carpentry, and I would never send a carpenter to do demolition.”

The restoration industry faces many challenges that are not present in the new construction industry — different materials, different building envelopes, and even exposed live wires from the past. Tedesco takes pride in offering his clients peace of mind. “We do everything today to the Ontario Building Code,” he explains, “so everything is done properly, and it puts the home owners at ease, especially if they have just purchased the property, or if they have had it for a few years. It makes them feel so much better now that they know the home is getting restored the proper way.”

Tedesco finds great reward in taking a client’s existing home and turning it into their dream home. New construction, he believes, does not offer the same personal touch one finds in doing home restorations. “A lot of it [new construction] is cookie cutter,” reveals Tedesco. “You are building these big, monster homes, and there is no life to these places. Whereas with restoration, you get into a hundred year old home, and you want to restore that and reproduce the same trim, and the same baseboard, just like people did 100 years ago.” The team at Tedesco Restoration values the restoration process as well. “My guys have pride, especially when they get into a nice old home and the home needs to be restored to the same period. It gives them a sense of pride when they are finished, that it is done correctly. So that is why I prefer restoration. It is challenging, and it is very, very exciting to reproduce something from a hundred years ago.”

A notable project in Toronto is The Princess Gate arch on Lakeshore Boulevard. An especially rewarding project for Tedesco was Revival Restaurant at 783 College Street, Toronto. The restaurant and bar was once a Baptist church. Particular challenges within the project included old piping, outdated electrical wiring, and a collapsing roof. The company had to work closely with Heritage Toronto Board, as certain features of the building had to be maintained. “It was a heritage building,” explains Tedesco, “so we had to keep the building façade the same. I have an avid design background, so from my design pictures, the board was very happy with what we came up with, and the owners were very, very happy.”

Tedesco’s personal passion is family homes. “We did some really nice old homes in Rosedale,” he describes. “There was an old abandoned home, and we restored it to its original state. That is what I really enjoy.”

The future for Tedesco Restoration includes the challenge of maintaining the company’s current size. Clients love the personal interaction, and the hands on approach. “I really do not want to expand,” reveals Tedesco, “because I like the size of my staff right now.” The company offers a hands on approach and a personalized touch to each and every project, and Tedesco believes that expansion may result in a loss of interaction with clientele, and that is a top priority at Tedesco Restoration.