Terrain Group

Grounded in Canadian Development

Terrain Group formed as a result of the merger of two leading Atlantic Canadian companies—each with over 35 years of experience delivering effective, practical solutions to clients.  Terrain continues to play an integral role in building the foundations upon which people live, work and play.  An established leader, Terrain offers its clients engineering, planning and surveying services.  It is the company’s multidisciplinary nature that enables it to offer clients full-service solutions that are creative and innovative.  Terrain currently employees more than 145 people in offices located in Dartmouth, Moncton, Saint John and Edmonton.

Terrain knows that its people and their capabilities are its primary assets.  It is their policy to maintain superior client service and competitiveness through consistent re-investment in their employees and capital equipment as the latest in technology and business services dictate. 

Stephen Wallace, President, joined the company around the same time the engineering side of the business started. He has helped the company to grow, and says that all three areas of specialization for Terrain are doing well. “The land surveying and engineering areas of our company fare comparably in terms of volume of work and do represent a large portion of our projects.  We do a fair amount of planning projects and this is an area where we are looking at continued growth opportunity.” Wallace explains that although previously Terrain’s business was based largely on residential land developers, the company has had to restructure its business to suit the market. 

“Subdivision development was impacted in the recessions of the early ‘80s and ‘90s” he says, “but now over the past ten years we’ve learned from this and worked to diversify our client base”. Wallace adds that Terrain has added work to their roster from commercial developers, retail, the education sector, and health and government sectors.  “We do a lot more work for municipal infrastructure and work for the provincial governments. This diversification has helped to insulate us or mitigate the impact of the economic slowdown.”
Although he is fairly optimistic about the current potential for Terrain, Wallace doesn’t plan to turn a blind eye on the reality of Canada’s economy. ”We’re watching the situation closely. Our intention is not to rest, but to maintain a good level of growth for 2009.”

Assessing environmental impact
Wallace assures an important aspect of Terrain’s work is the environment, no matter how small the project is. “The environment has a very real affect and influence on our work. We’re constantly looking for opportunities in our projects to respect the environment, and also enhance it. We always need to be mindful of regulations and restrictions and permitting requirements in order to carry out our projects.”

The company is also mindful of the importance of being a good corporate citizen, offering water system solutions for international communities, and making sure that part of the work they do supports societal goals. “We make sure that we’re contributing to a widespread variety of organizations in our society.” Wallace says.

A single-source provider
Terrain Group is known by its clients as a single-source provider.  “We see ourselves as a leading provider of professional engineering, planning and surveying services here in Atlantic Canada and beyond. Our team has long been recognized for their experience, and their ability to be proactive, accessible, and responsive. Ultimately, we take ownership of our projects and do quality work, which is what will keep us going for the long term” Wallace says. This coming year the company plans to diversify their business further, and therefore 2009 looks to be a good year for Terrain Group.

Terrain’s approach to the environment:
“We do not take the need for sustainable infrastructure and environmentally sensitive design for granted—rather, we look for opportunities to engage ourselves and our clients in responsible stewardship. Working within planning and development constraints, we do what we can to assist our clients in understanding the need and benefits of an environmentally responsible approach to projects. Moreover, our experience has taught us to appreciate the need to consider a variety of private and public vested interests, and we reflect these in our planning and development strategies.”

Terrain’s Philosophy

Our Mission
We move mountains with our clients.

Our Vision
To be highly regarded among our clients and within our industry for the quality of our work in shaping our communities, the practical way that we do business, and as the employer of choice for superior people.

Our Values

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity, care and respect for clients, employees and the public.
  • Create memorable experiences for our clients by carefully listening to their needs, focusing on service, and delivering successful projects that exceed expectations.
  • Provide a full service solution centre for our clients.
  • Provide a satisfying, enriched and fun organizational culture in which employees feel motivated, challenged and productive.
  • Continuously invest in people and technology to remain at the leading edge of our industry.
  • Sustain profitability in order to grow our business and most effectively serve our clients, our employees and our communities.

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