Viking Fire Protection

The Best Fire Protection Possible

Fire prevention and protection is paramount in any indoor commercial or residential space. No one understands this more than Viking Fire Protection, one of Canada’s oldest, largest and most respected fire safety companies.

Viking Fire Protection Inc. is a subsidiary of Polygon Security Inc., a 100 per cent Canadian private holding company specializing in fire protection and detection. Viking has provided fire protection by identifying clients’ specific needs since the 1930s, building a solid reputation for innovative services, particularly in industrial and commercial sectors. Now with offices in most major cities, the Montreal-based firm is preparing to expand its residential division with the implementation of new fire codes later in 2011.

Reflecting on the company’s history, Steve Spearing, District Manager in the Toronto office, believes the consistent success have been due to “always providing the best quality customer service, ensuring that all fire protection needs are met or exceeded.” Viking has the support and backing of its international subsidiary, Polygon Fire Protection Inc., which gives clients access to a global network of cutting edge technology when deciding which type of system is best for their facility.

Spearing reads off a long list of Viking services, and says there are a number of factors that goes into choosing the optimal fire system for every individual contract. The man divisions are automatic extinguishers, special agents and systems, cycling and integrated systems and Halon 1301 alternatives. Canadian fire prevention standards are constantly being revised and augmented, something of which Viking is at the forefront.

Assured quality

To ensure the best fire protection possible, regulations require that all buildings must be equipped with certain essential components. High quality items are selected by Viking in order to obtain maximum safety. In order to product quality control, Viking’s product line is made up exclusively of items made by the largest North American manufacturers of fire protection equipment. “These products must comply with rigorously controlled standards,” says Spearing.

Viking is proud of the fact that its “experts work with the most advanced engineering software, generating accurate results. Accompanied by experienced project managers and trade certified installers, our multidisciplinary team is able to guarantee excellent results in design, manufacturing and installation of fire suppression systems.”

There can be no room for error in Viking’s line of business, which is why the ISO 9001 certification of the huge manufacturing shop in Montreal is so vital. As a result of this recognition of the quality management system, clients expect fitted systems tailored to their requirements. The ISO certification also ensures moving and strict deadlines can be met in coordination with builders, contractors and engineers in new or existing buildings. Upon installation, Viking representatives perform scheduled maintenance and upgrading duties are regular intervals and will continue this practise when it expands its residential division.

Says Spearing, “Residential is very small right now because we are waiting for the implementation of sprinkler systems in Ontario, so that condos and apartment buildings will have the system. We are looking forward to that being a big part of 2011.”