Multi-Technology Expertise

Established in 1957, Wainbee Ltd. is a leading manufacturing agent and industrial distributor of automation and control technology. With 15 locations across Canada, Wainbee offers exceptional coverage across a range of national industries.

As an employee-owned and managed organization, Wainbee lives by its longstanding philosophy to provide its customers with the greatest value in products, solutions, and engineering expertise. Wainbee’s specialized products and services aim to increase client productivity, and clients are always met with unsurpassed customer satisfaction.
The Wainbee website reads, “As an ethical, employee-owned and profit-oriented market leader, we will pursue growth by developing teamwork, unsurpassed customer service, technical expertise and productivity to provide employees, shareholders, suppliers, and customers the opportunity for superior growth and development.”

As a leading supplier of components, tools, and engineering systems to clients across a wide range of industries, Wainbee is well recognized across the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, food and beverage, life sciences, logging, marine, metals, military, mining, oil and gas, and power generation industries. The company is also highly involved with the pulp and paper, plastics, renewable energy, telecommunications, transportation, and wastewater sectors.
Part of the success of Wainbee is that the organization combines its modern business management operating philosophy with a strong commitment to continuity, sales, supply chain and engineering skills, and financial integrity. Wainbee is well recognized as a technical and supply chain solutions provider.
Product Offering

Across its products portfolio, Wainbee offers hydraulic, pneumatic assembly tools and machining components that perform electromechanical and control expertise to achieve productivity improvements for clients across many industries. Access to these technologies allows Wainbee to provide component incorporated and system engineered solutions that are truly customized to client need. The company also offers leading edge communication and IT capabilities which in turn delivers added value and cost savings for the client by streamlining the information gathering processes.

“Wainbee’s ability to integrate hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, control, machining, and filtration technologies has allowed us to offer smart systems for many applications,” the Wainbee website reads. “Because we are not limited to one or two technologies, you can be assured of the most cost-effective and best performing solution to your production challenges. In addition to system design, our highly experienced technical services staff can provide troubleshooting, commissioning, and training services.”
In terms of electromechanical systems, Wainbee combines motors, gearheads, and positioning systems that deliver ready-to-install, configured solutions, including XY systems, Cartesian robots, gantry systems, and an array of customized configurations. In terms of custom control solutions, the Wainbee product and service range includes a complete system integration that offers electromechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and industrial power tool technologies, all certified to the latest standards. Wainbee is the company of choice when it comes finding the proper hydraulic solutions, from a small custom pressure tester to a multi-million dollar regional jet.

Wainbee is also a leading provider of repair, cleaning, and calibration services for hydraulic systems and components, including installation, preventative and proactive maintenance, and warranty service and repair to all pneumatic and electric tool brands, torque certifications, and calibrations.
An International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001-2008 organization, Wainbee is recognized for its quality management systems that are designed to deliver the greatest client satisfaction. The ISO 9001-2008 standard is based on strong customer focus, motivation of top management, process approach, and organizational commitment toward continual improvement in processes and operations.

Earlier this year, Wainbee further extended its global reach with its acquisition of Cowichan Hydraulic Equipment Service and Supply Ltd., a leading Canadian distributor of fluid power and automation components and systems. Based in British Columbia, the addition of Cowichan Hydraulic Equipment Service and Supply will play a significant role in the continued growth for Wainbee across many sectors and business channels, particularly in the marine, mining, and forestry industries, as the organization continues to move forward.