Wealthterra Capital Management Inc.

Providing investment services with the utmost integrity

Nadine Wellwood has spent most of her working career as an entrepreneur, the last of which she owned and operated a boutique aerospace and defence company. Wellwood operated a Modelling and Simulation, Human Factors Engineering business with three partners in Ottawa in 2000, providing innovative services and solutions to the Department of National Defence and other aerospace companies in both Canada and the U.S.

“At the time, the services we provided were revolutionary and it was very interesting work,” says Wellwood. After that, she took a two-year hiatus to regroup, but soon discovered her journey was far from over. Once she realized that she was not receiving the desired service or results from her financial advisors, she started studying the investment industry and wealth management, personally committing to finding a better solution to wealth management services.

Today, as President, Ultimate Designated Person, and Chief Compliance Officer of Alberta-based WealthTerra Capital Management Inc. – which is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan – Wellwood offers her clients more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry, serving high-net-worth families and eligible investors as both a financial planner and private capital markets specialist.

WealthTerra is a boutique securities dealer committed to providing investment services with the utmost integrity and working diligently to preserve the rights of the investor public to invest their hard-earned, after-tax dollars in investments of their choosing. “It is critical to have choice if you want to build wealth,” states Wellwood.

“The Private Capital Market was a natural fit for me,” says Wellwood. “I’m always moving and growing as a person and WealthTerra is very much a reflection of that. We are an independent securities dealer, and we are not driven by meeting corporate targets or selling only our own products. Our primary goal is to service our clients needs, help them achieve their financial objectives, and meet their personal lifestyle requirements in retirement. It is always about the client and providing them with the best opportunities to help them succeed.”

Doing her research in the early days, Wellwood was surprised to learn that ultra high-net-worth individuals do not put their money into traditional mutual funds. “I also learned that entrusting all of your money to the public stock market did not necessarily provide you with the full value and potential of what is available out there. I was surprised to learn of the plethora of investment options including real estate, oil and gas, private businesses…, even art, cars, and jewelry—things that are sometimes hard to fathom as being part of one’s portfolio. But these are things that wealthy people do.”

“I started to look at pension funds, endowment funds, trust funds, and family offices and what they do differently; how did they create steady and diversified portfolios,” she continues. “Using the tools that are available for high-net-worth Canadians, this is what we try to emulate for our clients. Having all your investments in the public markets doesn’t offer true diversification, and private investments can provide an extra level of portfolio protection over the long-term.”

Looking at the investment market from this non-traditional perspective, Wellwood built WealthTerra as a boutique firm focused on creating truly diversified portfolios based on individual needs that make sense for the client.

For Wellwood, the ideal clients take the time to inform themselves about what they are investing in and they actively participate in the discussion about the best solution for their portfolio. “My role is to guide and inform them, we have a conversation about what they want to accomplish and then we talk about investments and other tools to get them there. I’m a follower of what’s known as the ‘Austrian School of Economics’, so I see the world slightly different than most. I don’t always agree with the current economic policy or the views of more traditional economists, you can say that I am a little more contrarian. For me though, it is about coming to an understanding and an agreement with the client. That’s the fun part of the process, because through that conversation we uncover what the client really wants, and we design a plan on how to get there together.”

Wellwood’s advice to investors is to seek out an advisor who shares the same philosophy and has the client’s best interest at heart, which can’t be accomplished by looking at just numbers or investment products alone.

“The biggest challenge an investor faces today is cancelling out the noise created by main stream media and re-educate themselves in basic economic principles. This requires a willingness to challenge traditional views and an open mind that wants to look deeper into things. I have learned over the years that things are not always what they appear to be,” says Wellwood.

This is also the reason why Wellwood prefers to work with families rather than just individuals. And her view on the subject is that the whole family needs to be involved in the financial planning process because, ultimately, the financial wellbeing affects the whole family, not just the person handling the finances.

And while the business continues to grow, Wellwood is not in a hurry to grow WealthTerra at exponential rates about which business magazines could rave. “For us, every client is a name. From top of mind, I can’t even give the number of clients we have because they are not a number. We are a family, and our clients are part of that. Our team (private market specialists and staff) also work together as a family and we intend to keep it that way. That’s why we are very selective about who we bring onboard, because we want to maintain that feel and that culture. Of course, we want the ‘crème de la crème’, so to speak, but it’s not all about how much money you bring to the firm, it’s also about how well you can work within our family.”