117902 Canada Inc., Kitson Vincent and Smith Vincent & Co. Ltd. (collectively, the Shareholders) – FPX Nickel Corp.

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TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Jan. 23, 2018) - Certain related holding companies, individuals and trusts that are all related to the Vincent families of Toronto (the “Shareholders“), who may be considered to act “jointly or in concert” for the purposes of Canadian securities legislation, own an aggregate of 16,500,000 common shares (the Common Shares“) of FPX Nickel Corp. (the “Issuer“), representing approximately 12.306% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares, based on a total of 133,770,339 Common Shares issued and outstanding. Such Common Shares are owned as follows:

Beneficial Owner Number of Common Shares Beneficially Owned Percentage of Ownership
117902 Canada Inc. 8,000,000 5.98 %
Kitson Vincent 5,000,000 3.738 %
Smith Vincent & Co. Ltd. 3,462,500 2.588 %

The Common Shares were acquired by the Shareholders in the ordinary course of business for investment purposes. The Common Shares were not acquired for the purpose of changing or influencing the control of the Issuer.

This press release is being issued in accordance with the early warning requirements of applicable Canadian securities laws.

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