Taco Bell Serving Booze In Test Store

Taco Bell logo

CBJ – Yum Brands Inc. has announced that one of its fast-food restaurants will experiment with the selling of beer and “mixed alcohol freezes” at a new Taco Bell location, which is scheduled to open this summer in Chicago.

The prototype restaurant will have a new design during its testing in urban markets, where it has already been launched in the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea.

The new layout is part of a bigger plan to have Taco Bell shed its fast-food image and appeal to millennials, who marketers say prefer places and products that seem less cookie-cutter and more “authentic.” Wendy’s has also been aggressively pushing a remodeling of some of its restaurants that features more mixed seating options in an effort to attract a wider demographic.

Meanwhile, Taco Bell had already announced it will drop artificial flavours and colours from its menu by the end of this year, although co-branded products like the Doritos Locos tacos will be exempt.


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