2020 Jalon Mobility Awards

MONTREAL, Oct. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The second edition of the Jalon Mobility Awards was held on October 15 to reward organizations that contribute to the economic recovery and reputation of our cities through sustainable mobility projects. The winners were announced in the nine categories during the event, which was hosted live by Stéphan Bureau. A total of ten prizes and eight mentions were awarded, as well as a Coup de cœur du jury.
Now more than ever, we must support and promote organizations that are shaping sustainable and intelligent mobility,” said Danielle Charest, President and CEO of Jalon. It is important, particularly in the current context, to consider sustainable mobility as a vector for growth and to enable citizens to reclaim their cities through structuring mobility projects.”Human Experience AwardWinner: OnRoule.org
Committed to supporting the development of sustainable mobility for people with reduced mobility, OnRoule.org has developed virtual accessibility training (digital, architectural and cognitive) to help merchants and businesses improve the accessibility of their products, services, communications and infrastructures.
Mention: Accès Transports Viables
“Ma vie sans mon auto” is a docu-style reality show that features four households that stop using their cars for two months. By focusing on this important transition for a family, the series highlights both the challenges they encountered and the solutions they developed to adapt. The two-month period allowed families and individuals to get past the initial shock of the change or the honeymoon phase, and to experiment with whether their solutions were viable in the long term.
Active Mobility AwardWinner: Vélo Québec
Located in Parc La Fontaine, the Jardin du Petit Monde à Bicyclette is one of the first cycling gardens in Quebec. It is composed of a reproduction of the urban environment at a child’s scale, with playful modules that develop their motor skills and thematic stations that teach them about road safety. Both fun and educational, the project enables children to practice safe cycling in a stimulating environment and encourages them to cycle on a daily basis.
Collective Mobility AwardWinner: Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC)
Last June, the RTC launched a mobile payment solution that enables customers to purchase transit tickets anywhere at anytime. The mobile app complements existing payment methods, including OPUS cards and cash. In addition, it helps to provide sanitary operating conditions for customers, partners and employees.
Mention: Vélo-Transit
To enable a fully sustainable mobility experience, Vélo-Transit set up secure modules for parking standard and electric bikes at locations where the Exo public transit service operates. Bus and commuter train passengers can now leave their cars at home and ride their bikes without the fear of theft or vandalism. This strategy supports the growing appeal of cycling by providing users with easy access to lockers via a secure mobile app that uses Bluetooth technology. This solution effectively meets the needs of cyclists who want to store their bikes for a day or more or who travel long distances on expensive bikes.
Shared Mobility AwardWinner: Conseil régional de l’environnement de l’Estrie
Embarque Estrie is a web tool that centralizes all sustainable transportation options in Estrie in one place: carpooling, shared cars, incentive parking facilities, cycling networks, public transit services, exemplary employers, etc. An advertising campaign was also deployed to promote sustainable modes of transport, present their advantages and demystify the use of certain sometimes little-known modes of transport.
Energy Efficiency and Electrification AwardWinner: Lion Electric
The Lion6, an all-electric class 6 truck, features a new, highly versatile platform. It is also compatible with a wide range of boxes and equipment. It emits no GHGs or other pollutants. It is quiet and comfortable and offers an optimal driving experience. The Lion6 is the perfect truck for last mile delivery.
Innovative Vehicle Institute & Madvac-Exprolink
The result of a collaboration between the Innovative Vehicle Institute and Exprolink, the 100% electric vacuum cleaner cart reduces the GHG emissions of the cities and companies that use it. Built without hydraulic components, the vacuum cleaner cart has a range of 200 km and an average duration of five hours when the vacuum cleaner is in operation. Only two 120-volt outlets are needed to recharge it, meaning that it can be plugged in without difficulty.
Nova Bus
The Nova Bus LFSe+ city bus is fully electric and uses the proven technology of BAE Systems. The LFSe+ advances the evolution of electric transportation in North America by offering silent and emission-free public transit. The LFSe+ offers two recharging options: air or plug-in. Designed on the robust LFS platform, this vehicle has a range of up to 470 km.
Urban Planning AwardWinner: Groupe BC2
This 25.5 km network of walking and cycling trails was developed north of the 53rd parallel for the Cree Nation of Chisasibi. The community can now preserve certain natural environments, re-establish cultural ties with nature, provide spaces for socializing and promote individual health. It contributes both to economic development and to sustainable mobility in a context marked by a lack of adapted infrastructure and extreme climatic conditions.
Freight Logistics AwardWinner: CargoM 
This AI-powered system allows the Port of Montreal to quickly identify and prioritize essential goods that Canadians need. The result of a partnership between CargoM, Scale AI, IVADO Labs and the Port of Montreal, the tool promotes the resilience of Canadian business operations and the fluidity of supply chains. In the current context related to the COVID-19 pandemic, this solution facilitates decision-making to move pharmaceutical products and other medical equipment without delay.
Locketgo’s MESH pilot project is experimenting with the use of a network of connected lockers in cities with the aim of improving last mile delivery for traders and carriers. It serves to confirm that the network protects the environment in addition to reducing the kilometres travelled and traffic. This solution also protects against parcel theft and optimizes the time of e-commerce customers.
The deployment of sustainable urban logistics practices for parcel delivery in major urban centres in Canada, including Montreal. This project reduces GHG emissions and traffic congestion through the use of electric cargo bikes or low-speed electric vehicles (LSVs) in bike lanes. Customers benefit from a green service for the last mile of delivery.
Intelligent Mobility in Urban Settings AwardWinners ex aequo:
The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal
Spearheaded by the CCMM, the Employee Commute Initiative collects anonymous projected data on the commuting intentions of employees working for companies on the island of Montreal. This data will help adjust the service offering in response to fluctuating demand and public health guidelines, and will enable employers to improve work organization, space management and scheduling to facilitate and ensure the safety of employee commutes.
In A Blink 
Ideal for operators of public transport fleets, the solution developed by In A Blink transfers all of a vehicle’s data in minutes to create a complete digital twin. All of the operational parameters captured by the vehicle can then be used in the command centre, allowing full diagnostics and quick identification of problem situations requiring maintenance. This solution leverages the digital intelligence of public transit vehicles and consolidates the data to facilitate decision-making, ultimately enabling public transit operators to offer better service to passengers by optimizing the performance of their vehicles.
Start-up Companies AwardWinner: In A Blink 
In A Blink is a brand new company that develops and commercializes data transfer technology using quantum communications. The company uses virtual fibre optics to enable transmission speeds between 50 and 100 times faster than Wi-Fi technology. Founded in August 2019, the company consists of three experienced engineers from the technology and transportation industries.
Mention: LockedPedals
LockedPedals was incorporated in July 2020 and operates in the active mobility sector. It currently has two co-founders and is in the pre-sales phase. LockedPedals is a solution that protects bicycles against theft, a major obstacle to the adoption of this active and sustainable means of transport.
Coup de cœur du jury AwardWinner: Cyclistes solidaires
Cyclistes solidaires pour la sécurité alimentaire is a spontaneous, volunteer-based mobilization of Montreal cyclists who support community action and social economy organizations in their efforts to reach users who are considered vulnerable directly in their homes. The group’s deliveries are mainly food items. To date, the Cyclistes solidaires group has offered its support to 17 organizations in five Montreal neighbourhoods. More than 100,000 meals and food items have been delivered from the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve collective kitchen. Since the group’s inception, 850 cyclists have participated in delivery activities.
About Jalon
Jalon is a non-profit organization whose mission is to trigger and support innovation and changing practices to make mobility more sustainable. Jalon is active in the fields of collective and shared mobility, active mobility, freight logistics and urban planning. Jalon uses its expertise to help companies, organizations and institutions understand the mobility issues that pertain to them and find effective solutions. Jalon is also working on the development of a new digital platform of mobility data and a visualization tool for organizations, the goal of which is to support decision-making through contextual analysis based on facts. At the heart of the ecosystem, Jalon mobilizes and facilitates the collaboration of local and international stakeholders to shape the urban mobility of tomorrow.
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