3M to Provide N95 Masks for Canada

CBJ — 3M CEO Mike Roman (pictured) managed to reach an agreement with U.S. President Donald Trump that will see the Minnesota-based company continue to provide N95 masks to the Canadian medical community.  The masks are by far the most medically sought-after in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Had Roman not made a firm stand regarding the need to fulfill orders to Canada and Latin America the masks likely would not have continued to make their way north of the border and to Latin America. The company assured Trump that by providing Canada with the needed masks it would in no way sacrifice the required supplies needed in America. To fulfill its obligation, 3M will use its manufacturing facilities in China to ensure all orders are met.

On Monday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said a shipment of masks earmarked for his province had been held up at the Canada-U.S. border over the weekend, a circumstance he attributed directly to Trump’s decision to keep all the equipment in America.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was ecstatic upon hearing the news that Canada would continue receiving the masks and singled out Roman for taking a “very responsible” position in standing up to the White House on behalf of Canada.