8608 Capital Group and Masons Fine Food supporting front line workers 

TORONTO, May 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Over the weekend of April 25th, 2020 8608 Capital Group, in partnership with Masons Fine Foods, delivered 150 hot and ready meals to the brave and dedicated medical professionals serving on the frontline in the overwhelming battle against COVID-19.
During recent months, as the coronavirus continues to spread at an exponential rate, hospitals have seen an influx of patients and individuals infected with the virus.  This flood of patients has placed a great strain on the country’s health system as a whole, and an even greater strain on hospital staff, from nurses, to doctors, surgeons, and even the custodians responsible for cleaning and servicing the buildings themselves. Staff are forced to work longer hours and are subject to rigorous sanitation and safety protocols. This often results in 24 hour shifts, overcrowding, a lack of sleep, and poor nutrition, as there is limited access to food, as well as little to no time to prepare meals.All of these brave, dedicated and hardworking individuals are making a direct impact on helping to control and resolve this pandemic, working on the frontline to diagnose, treat, and prevent all cases effectively.With the help and support of their extensive client/contact base, 8608 Capital Group arranged through Masons Fine Foods to show their appreciation and gratefulness to the real-life heroes at Michael Garron Hospital by donating 150 wholesome, hot meals prepared fresh. The Toronto-based Investment firm and sister hospitality group, have pledged to match the total amount of their weekly sales in.Hot meal donations will be delivered to hospital staff every Friday. This meal drive marks the first of many efforts 8608 Capital has planned for aiding the front line worked in Toronto hospitals risking their lives and sacrificing their comfort and well-being to save the lives of others and end this crisis.“It is important now more than ever to stand together and stay strong as a community, and 8608 Capital Group’s support efforts during these unprecedented times are a prime example of what corporate social responsibility means in today’s world,” said Ardy Khavari, CEO of 8608 Capital Group.
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