A Canadian Tech Start-Up, IRIS Wins G20 Italian Presidential Competition

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IRIS R&D Group Inc. (‘IRIS’ or the ‘Company’), becomes the first Canadian start-up tech that provides a privacy-centric smart cities data platform that uses best in class computer vision Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to win the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub)  ‘InfraChallenge’ supported by the Italian G20 Presidency. This challenge was focused on technological solutions for building and maintaining better, more resilient infrastructure and asset management. 

IRIS was declared successful following a live pitch to the world leaders at the G20 summit in Rome against nine other finalists from different parts of the world. 

IRIS’s innovative solution enables cities of the world to monitor road infrastructure and assets at a substantially lower cost. They provide governments and industries with the critical data they need to prioritize infrastructure spending and investments intelligently, objectively, and sustainably via technology. By deploying the irisGO™ (mobile or static) unit with AI embedded computer vision technology, IRIS is able to detect, collect, and visualize in real-time, critical data. End users are able to view all data including GIS on the irisCITY™ platform. All data collected is redacted at the “EDGE” (not in the CLOUD) in order to be compliant with (CDN) MFIPPA and International Privacy Laws. 

“Winning the InfraChallenge competition has created a huge opportunity for our Canadian AI vision, enabling us to localize and implement our road infrastructure assessment technology across G20 member countries. These include inquiries from Brazil, Japan, KSA, and emerging economies from across the world that need the solution the most.” said IRIS CEO and Co-founder Emil Sylvester Ramos.

IRIS Inc., the winner of InfraChallenge 2021 received AU$50,000, for ongoing support to scale their solution and exposure to a global network of infrastructure decision makers that includes the G20’s Infrastructure Working Group.

GI Hub CEO Marie Lam-Frendo said “Congratulations to IRIS on their use of artificial intelligence to create a solution for public assets. Infrastructure maintenance is a ubiquitous challenge for governments around the world and IRIS’s technology has the potential to improve the safety and resilience of roads and potentially other assets.”

For more information, visit infrachallenge.gihub.org, https://www.irisradgroup.com, and listen to GI Hub’s podcast interview with IRIS CEO and Co-founder Emil Sylvester Ramos. For media, inquiries contact Fatema Bhabrawala, at [email protected] or 1-877-681-5541.


IRIS helps cities monitor and maintain road infrastructure intelligently. By using artificial intelligence-enabled “Computer Vision” to detect road hazards in real-time, it produces better results at a substantially lower cost than current standard processes used by cities and municipalities globally – which rely on expensive and highly manual patrolling and curb-side inspections. https://www.irisradgroup.com


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