A change in perspective on Canadian balcony usage led to major production investment at Lumon North America

A change in perspective on Canadian balcony usage led to major production investment at Lumon North America

VAUGHAN, Ontario, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lumon North America has become known as a leading producer in balcony glazing, recently celebrating its 10-year journey in the North American market. During its short history on the continent, Lumon has left its mark as a trailblazer in the industry. “This worldwide pandemic has made people rethink the purpose and usability of their own home. Especially for condominium residents, balcony glazing has enabled a safe outdoor oasis during this time,” says CEO Olli Vanska. “We even speak of post COVID design, where the importance of maximizing use of outside spaces is highlighted,” he continues. Lumon glazing is a perfect solution for this. The enclosures enable for usage of the balcony throughout the year, and simultaneously benefit the resident or condo dweller with lower energy costs as well as a decreased need for maintenance.

As a result of the increased demand, Lumon North America has decided in major investments on its production operations, taking responsibility of its own supply chain. Notable investments of millions of dollars help to ensure a high-quality product as well as accurate delivery times. “We are able to schedule more precisely closer to our customers’ request date, as we have better control over the glass fabrication,” Production and Supply Chain Manager Patrick Rafacz notes.

Naturally, the growth can be seen in the employee base also. Significant efforts in recruitment are being made to prepare for great growth, and each employee is a contributor in Lumon’s success story. “Customer satisfaction is an important gage in measuring success, and we are doing our everything to ensure a good customer experience,” Olli explains. “This is why we need skilled and motivated employees, who share a goal with the company to reach new levels,” he reflects. Patrick agrees: “Additional staffing also provides growth to the community, which in itself is significant,” he says. The recently established strategy at Lumon North America also holds aims for growth in condominium sales within the United States. These new investments motivate employees on the future of Lumon North America, portraying growth and stability within the company. “As production grows, it is key to foster employee development. That is to say, building a blueprint that offers a pathway to employee success as well as company success. This is a key component to building the future,” Patrick concludes.

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