Abattis Bioceuticals Celebrates Release of Comfort Through Vergence Naturals

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Abattis Bioceuticals Corp (the “Company” or “Abattis”) (CSE:ATT) (OTC:ATTBF) is pleased to announce the release of its first proprietary product, Comfort, through the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Vergence Naturals (“Vergence”).

Comfort, a brand-new proprietary nutraceutical, which contains Alpinia Galangal and Capsicum Annuum, was developed by Abattis’ research scientists to activate the endocannabinoid system (“ECS”) and nourish endorphin release in response to pain. Comfort is manufactured in accordance with Canadian Natural Health Products monographs and the US Food and Drug Administration’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

Comfort is available to Canadian customers through www.comfortbyvergence.ca and American and international customers though www.comfortbyvergence.com.

Comfort Extra Strength, the second addition to the Comfort product line, is set to be released to the public in mid-January 2019 and will be enhanced with hemp-based phytocannabinoids, with a specific focus on cannabidiol (CBD).

“The discovery of the ECS has opened the door to understanding how our body works,” stated Dr. Brazos Minshew, MSc, ND and President of the Abattis’ Medical Advisory Board. “The ECS teaches us how cannabis, as well as other foods and spices, impacts our pain receptors and every other aspect of mind-body wellness. We are now able to link the known effect of cannabinoids with the new understanding of how this massive system works to keep us comfortable and balanced.”

“Comfort by Vergence nourishes the ECS with medicinal plants that do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Comfort meets a real need to increase vitality, energy and mobility. In short, Comfort supports a healthy mind and body by nourishing the ECS,” added Dr. Minshew.

“This marks yet another significant milestone for Abattis,” stated Rob Abenante, President and CEO of Abattis. “With the launch of Comfort, Abattis continues to focus on revenue generating activities, which we are confident will drive shareholder value.”

“We are particularly proud of the work we have done with Comfort as it will provide a natural cannabinoid solution to all those suffering from all forms of pain,” added Mr. Abenante.

About Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.

Abattis is a life sciences and biotechnology company which aggregates, integrates, and invests in cannabis technologies and biotechnology services for the legal cannabis industry developing in Canada. The Company has successfully developed and licensed natural health products, medicines, extractions, and ingredients for the biological, nutraceutical, bioceutical, and cosmetic markets. The Company is also seeking to acquire exclusive intellectual property rights to agricultural technologies to be employed in extraction and processing of botanical ingredients and compounds. The Company follows strict standard operating protocols and adheres to applicable laws of Canada and foreign jurisdictions.


“Rob Abenante”

Robert Abenante, President & CEO

For more information, please visit the Company’s website at: www.abattis.com

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