Able Translations

Enabling communication

Able Translations satisfies its global customers in more ways than one. Beginning in 1994, the multi-lingual translation services firm has grown to offer a unique combination of interpretative services.

Today, Able Translations offers its translation service in more than 100 worldwide languages, translated for multiple settings, including institutional, governmental, and legal. Over the years, the company has increased its market presence and has become ISO-registered, further contributing to the organization’s overriding goal of providing the best in customer service.

Client value

The aggressive marketing strategy of Able Translations, paired with its solid price point, allows the company to maintain its existing clients in addition to attracting new customers. This effort is best symbolized in the solid client retention cycle of Able Translations.

With a pulse of the market, the company transitioned from interpreting services to its current offering of translation services when it became apparent that customer needs in adopting new tools to safeguard, reuse, and recycle previous translations were required.

“We were able to successfully maintain and grow our market and today we have a roster of very successful customers, large Fortune 500 companies, as well as small- and medium-sized companies that have entrusted us with their language requirements,” Wilson Teixeira, President of Able Translations, told The Canadian Business Journal.

Its success has allowed the company to open into additional global markets, including its strong presence in Asia and Europe.

Teixeira added, “We also have customers around the world who are on the manufacturing side that are providing a lot of the goods that are coming to Canada. We help them localize their product to North American and European markets.”

Global expansion

Such expansion means that Able Translations has opened many doors. Its growing Internet presence has only furthered this worldwide reach.

As Teixeira summarized, Able Translations has “very few” physical business borders, and that the Internet has truly offered “a neighbourhood of being a global village” in the expansion of Able Translations. Conveniently, most primary services of Able Translations are provided via the Internet.

“We have that ability of allowing businesses to expand through the Internet to make their businesses visible to a greater audience than ever before,” Teixeira summarized.

Able Translations truly understands the importance of a strong online presence in order to compete and compete well in the modern, ever-changing business landscape.

“It is no longer just your specific geographical location. We understand the benefit of web presence and global accessibility,” Teixeira said. “We still see ourselves as a very young company but we’re still willing to take calculated risks that allow us to open opportunities. We have been successful in opening multiple markets around the world.”

While some companies may take the easy route when eyeing expansion, this was not the case for Able Translations. Rather, the company seeks to reap the rewards by expanding into the most challenging markets. As such, one market currently in pursuit by Able Translations is Brazil.

“Our strategy is focusing on the Brazilian market and expanding into it. We’re seeing the results with a number of our customers with Brazilian companies coming to North America, and we’re also seeing some Canadian companies doing quite well in South America overall,” said Teixeira, who added, “There is also our continued Asian expansion.”

Able Translations provides a variety of services, including a newer service it has recently released—video remote interpreting services, where the company is now able to provide its services over a video stream, in a number of languages, breaking the barriers of distance and allowing the customer to get instant translation and interpretative services at a fraction of the cost. Language interpretation service is now as easy as opening your laptop.

“We believe that video interpreter services is really going to be the future of interpreter services because we are also able to understand the context, the setting, and the body language of the people we are interpreting,” Teixeira concluded.

Mississauga Board of Trade

Since 2003, Able Translations has engaged in a number of trade missions to China. As part of the local Mississauga Board of Trade, Able Translations engages in these trade missions as a means to visit existing customers and in hope to meet new potential customers. These visits allow the company to learn about the challenges facing these markets and various cultures.

Teixeira added that Able Translations also works to assist Chinese companies with a desire to better understand and learn the Canadian marketplace, and to learn where the opportunities exist in entering the Canadian market.

“Our new era of evolution is very exciting. We think that businesses should take advantage of the fact that we have a global village accessibility to the world,” Teixeira said.

“The demographics of our society are so diverse today. We have the ability through language services to cater to these specific, potential customers, catered in specific languages.

“I strongly think that Canadian businesses should look into their backyards if there is an interest in gaining customers in different culture communities by translating some of their content and sending messages in multiple languages.”