Aboriginal Printing

Canada's largest Aboriginal printer

In just four short years, Aboriginal Printing has grown to become Canada’s premier printing company, with two printing service companies in Toronto’s downtown core.

A smaller company of about 10 employees, Steven Bolduc, President of Aboriginal Printing, attributes the success of the company to its Aboriginal values.

Growing up on an Aboriginal reserve near Thunder Bay, Ont., Bolduc began Aboriginal Printing in 2007 with the intention of providing excellence in product and customer service.

The “old school techniques” of Aboriginal Printing have made the company successful. At Aboriginal Printing, Bolduc and his team work closely with clients to provide what is needed, when it is needed. The relationship with the customer forms when Aboriginal Printing learns of the client’s objectives and strives to help satisfy these needs in every way possible, and understands the importance of customer service and focuses on this aspect. Going the extra mile is always recognized by the appreciative customer.

Focusing on the highest in customer service, Aboriginal Printing limits its clients so as not to spread itself too thin. Said Bolduc, “We service the clients we do have in the sense that we manage their brand, we ensure that everything we print meets their specifications, and we monitor it. We have a lot of tools.

“We’re a full service print provider in the sense that we print probably 90 per cent of a client’s requirements. We can print anything from one photocopy to 3.5 million tri-fold pieces, like we did with Health Canada.”

Aboriginal Printing has also conducted major printing projects for Toronto’s G8 and G20 summits, as well as coordinating the printing of Canada’s Food Guide.

Growth through partnerships and purchasing

Over its history, Aboriginal Printing has established more than 60 strategic distribution centres across Canada, as well as 250 centres in the United States and worldwide, with this production capacity allowing the company to provide its customers with same-day service.

“We have national and international coverage, so when a client comes to us, they can be assured that we can organize and have it printed and delivery the same day to wherever they are in North America, and that gives us our competitive edge,” Bolduc said. “For instance, we had a client who called in on a Saturday and they needed 150 reports to be printed and delivered to New York City the next morning by 8 o’clock, and we printed and delivered it overnight.”

Because of its success, Aboriginal Printing was recognized with the Toronto Aboriginal Business Person of the Year Award. Additionally, the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council recognized the company with a Small Business of the Year Award.

“More and more companies are participating with Aboriginal organizations and it is really refreshing to see the Aboriginal communities support us as an Aboriginal company and to see corporate Canada support our initiative as well,” Bolduc beamed.

The only North American Aboriginal printer that is SFI and FSC certified, Aboriginal Printing is environmentally conscientious, with an emphasis on ISS certification as well. The company strives for further growth, and has planned an addition to Ottawa in realizing that business expansion, but as Bolduc puts it, “When you sit here every day it doesn’t feel like it is growing fast enough.”

Aboriginal Printing is excited about its expansion into the Canadian capital. “We want to expand to Ottawa. The objective is to try to get back to the reserve and create jobs, job creation on reserve with production in our community. That’s really the objective. That takes a commitment,” Bolduc said.

“When we initially started, we had double-digit growth, and then during the recession it pared down, but we’re still growing and we’re very happy with it.”