ADFLOW Networks Inc

Interactive digital media solutions for the choosiest high profile retail marketers

As modern day consumers, we are being engaged by a myriad of marketing messages every day, and more and more these messages are digital. Whether it is product display in stores, outdoor billboards, breakfast menus or smartphone notifications, dynamic digital messaging is being delivered to every one of us hundreds of times each day. Did you ever wonder how these digital messages get from the minds of marketers to consumers? ADFLOW Networks Inc. is one of the key driving forces behind these messages. ADFLOW has been helping retailers, brands and businesses to deliver compelling messages to their audiences in Canada and the U.S. for over a decade. ADFLOW provides innovative solutions including everything from the technology components to full content strategy and development, helping clients achieve their digital in-store communication, marketing and business objectives.

ADFLOW was one of the first companies to provide clients with solutions that included both traditional and interactive in-store displays and signage networks.

“We first entered the digital signage market in 2000. As more and more new consumer touch points were enabled by technologies such as interactive displays and smartphones, we realized the significance of an integrated digital messaging strategy in the retail segment. Today’s retailing is all about leveraging all channels of communication, reshaping the customer experience with dynamic digital media that engages consumers in the ways they wish to be engaged, and driving the desired behaviour as a result,” said Mike Abbott, President of ADFLOW Networks Inc.

Based in Burlington, Ont., ADFLOW’s corporate headquarters encompasses the core company operations including sales, customer service, and research and development. The company also has offices in Chicago and Philadelphia. The company has 55 full-time employees, and over the years ADFLOW Networks has successfully deployed over 60 digital media networks. With an emphasis on the retail sector, the company’s world class Dynamic Messaging System™ currently powers thousands of digital displays for businesses located across North America.

Behind the glowing screens

As it is often the case, behind ADFLOW Networks’ success stands original technological innovation — a patented, web-based suite delivered under the SaaS or software-as-a-service model that allows for easy management of large digital media networks and complex, rules-based content distribution. The ADFLOW Networks Dynamic Messaging System™ (DMS™) is an intelligent, scalable and highly secure digital media management platform. The ADFLOW DMS™ offers central management and control of clients’ entire digital media network and supply chain via web browser. The integrated DMS™ application suite powers digital signage, touchscreens, lift-and-touch self-service kiosks, provides integration with retailers’ royalty programs and mobile devices and more. Simply put, DMS™ enables dynamic messaging across all consumer touch points using a single dashboard.

“We have created a platform that allows clients to deliver messages to customers in a very engaging, dynamic and targeted way. Our clients use it to deliver product information and engage consumers where they visit, shop and entertain. The DMS platform is not an IT solution — it is a marketer solution. As such, it’s extremely easy to learn and to use. Being it a web-based solution, it enables collaboration for our clients and their partners. At the back-end, the cloud-based SaaS model gives clients full control of the system, allowing them to assign specific privileges to participants such as marketing agencies and creating what we call a ‘digital media supply chain.’ At the same time, at the consumer end, the platform allows our retail clients to centrally manage, schedule and deliver consistent, targeted messages and marketing campaigns to all consumer touch points, including in-store fixtures, displays and touchscreens. They can address the whole system or individual screens, managing the system by consumer type or time of day. The system is exceptionally flexible and easy to use. Best of all, the DMS platform records and tracks all message deliveries and all customer interactions. These analytics enable the retailer to determine what messaging is most effective and to optimize it accordingly,” says Abbott.

Track record of renowned clients

Today, ADFLOW Networks serves the in-store digital media needs of several of the largest retailers across North America. In Canada, ADFLOW’s client roster includes Telus, Rogers, Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Forzani, and Mark’s Work Warehouse. Clients in the U.S. include OfficeMax, U.S. Cellular, Clearwire and Wawa Inc. Wawa Inc. is an industry-leading, innovative convenience store chain located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. ADFLOW Networks DMS™ is used to manage digital media delivery to screens in over 600 Wawa locations, increasing consumer awareness about Wawa fresh food promotions. “By delivering attractive, relevant and compelling content and messaging on customer-facing displays, Wawa generated a dramatic increase in sales and an improved customer experience,” says Abbott.

Turnkey solutions

Besides a unique delivery technology at the heart of ADFLOW Networks solutions, the company supports all other development elements that clients may need for successful digital media network deployment. ADFLOW Networks team takes clients through a proven professional consulting and discovery process in order to fully understand what the clients are trying to accomplish. “Once we understand what the clients’ objectives are, we work with them to define and develop a custom solution to meet their goals. Our core competencies include content strategy, content creation, hardware sourcing and project management. We also provide around-the-clock monitoring telephone support for all client networks and connected displays. We currently monitor several thousand screens, in most cases discovering and remedying problems before our client even realizes that there is an issue. Our commitment to customer service has helped us build long-term customer relationships with our clients. For example, Telus has been with us for six years, Rogers for seven and OfficeMax for eight. We are proud that are able to earn the repeat business and continued business of leading retailers on an ongoing basis, in many cases becoming their trusted advisor in the process.”

ADFLOW Networks continues to focus on the future. Its research and development program plays a significant role. Research and development focuses on evolution of the company’s unique DMS™ platform, constantly adding new features and functionality and enhancing the platform for the clients’ benefit. Recent innovations include Lift-and-Touch and Video Wall capabilities. More advances lie ahead, as new consumer touch points emerge, offering retailers more and more opportunities to reshape the customer experience — with ADFLOW.