Advanced Orthomolecular Research


Orthomolecular medicine focuses on the practice of preventing and treating disease through providing the human body with optimal amounts of substances that occur in the body naturally. Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) has an established reputation in Canada as one of the most advanced supplement formulators, and the company has brought some of the mainstays of the supplement and vitamin market to the Canadian market, such as glucosamine sulfate [for joint structure] and S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) [for support of balanced mood and thought patterns].

Innovation represents the key mantra of the AOR philosophy. Dr. Traj Nibber, AOR’s Founder and Director, brings his vast experience along with a degree in Pharmacy, a Master’s degree in Toxicology, and a PhD in Pathology. Dr. Nibber founded AOR with the goal to combat the misdirection prevalent in the nutraceutical world, and provide people with research-backed and therefore highly effective products.

Dr. Nibber discovered that the supplement industry was selling subpar and outdated products, while innovative and well-researched and documented supplements and solutions were already available for production in the market, and providing higher clinical efficacy. Dr. Nibber launched his health change campaign in the form of AOR once he realized the failures of the dietary supplement industry to make proven nutrients available in the most effective form and dosage.

As the company’s success became evident, Dr. Nibber researched and launched a lineup of new natural health products focused on a wider audience of health-conscious individuals, life extension radicals, and health practitioners who sought a new generation of more effective natural solutions to the chronic health concerns of their patients.

The Track Record of Innovation

Today, AOR is the leading provider of genuinely innovative nutraceuticals in North America and around the world, and the company has developed “Bottled Revolutions”™, a ground-breaking, research-backed orthomolecules and botanicals.

AOR was the first company to bring a genuinely complete E-complex supplement in the form of “Total E” tocopherols and tocotrienols; as well as Green Lipped FFA, a source the rare omega-3 fatty acid ETA, which provides more potent support against inflammation than conventional fish oil (EPA) and flax oil (LNA) omega-3 sources. AOR released Canada’s first defined pollen extract for prostate health (Prostaphil-2®), the only supplement documented in clinical trials to directly affect prostate structure by reducing the volume of the gland itself, rather than simply relieving symptoms.

The list of AOR innovative products goes on, and what has been predominant in the company’s culture is extensive research in order to provide the best and the most efficient products to those in need. AOR research formulates its health products with the simple goal of delivering the best results. To achieve this, the company first reviews the primary science behind a supplement, always seeking hard evidence and clinical trials that prove the science behind the theories.

Only then AOR designs the final product formulation, with doses, standardization, and forms of nutrients reflecting the original research.

As far as muti-ingredient supplements go, according to the company website, the supplements with multiple ingredients can work, and work very well — if properly formulated. However, it is the company’s opinion that many companies approach the formulation of their products as an “unscientific game of one-upmanship,” in which the object is to come up with the longest possible list of ingredients of interest to people with a particular health concern; and during this process, the basic issues of dosage, compatibility, stability, and mechanisms of action are brushed aside, working on a supplement that appears to be the “broadest”, the most “comprehensive”, “all-inclusive”, and “synergistically complete” product on the shelf.

However, a quality formulation consists of three integral parts — the best science, the best motivation, and the highest skill. This is why AOR operates its production under strict quality control mechanisms, creating internal standard operating procedures (SOPs), which are modeled on the pharmaceutical industry’s standards for purity and rigor, while abiding by the Canadian regulatory requirements for the manufacture of dietary supplements. Licenced by Health Canada, AOR operates its facilities under standards that meet or exceed the statutory requirements. AOR’s highly qualified and experienced team works closely with Health Canada to ensure licensing and continued availability of AOR products.

Besides thorough formulation and manufacturing processes, AOR distinguishes itself from the competitors by providing high-quality education and thorough literature that support AOR’s advanced formulations, and deliver scientifically accurate and readily understood research summaries to practitioners and educated laypeople alike.

As a professional orthomolecular research firm, AOR is dedicated to continue the cause of healthy life extension by putting advanced new orthomolecules and botanicals into the hands of the natural healthcare providers, the health-conscious, the seekers of alternatives, and the radical life-extensionists.