Afghanistan people want real peace and stability states AHMADZAI

OTTAWA, Aug. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Afghanistan war which has been ongoing for almost two decades has a final chance to come to a peaceful end. The truth is that this war has not been won by any group; internal nor foreign. In February 2020, the USA and Taliban formally signed an agreement to put an end to the conflict in Afghanistan between the two forces.
This peace-war analysis is written by Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, CEO of Taleam Systems based in Canada.The credit should now go to the people who sacrificed their lives in the war. They served to protect humanity.Millions of widows are now counting on the non-profit organizations in Afghanistan to help them because the government is unable. Real peace and stability will pave the way for much needed support to be delivered to these vulnerable people.While the discussion today is about bringing peace, but simultaneously there needs to be debates on how to best help the people. The people want education, healthcare and jobs.Yes, peace will come to Afghanistan as the agreement between Taliban forces and American government is now signed, but still the foreign military has yet to leave the soil which is doubting the peace efforts undertaken by Afghan government.Today, Afghanistan is working for friendly relations with Pakistan, India and Iran, but tensions with Iran and Pakistan have reached climax for Afghanistan since there has been increased killings on the border line and drowning of migrants.To conclude, Afghanistan people want real peace and stability. How and when that can happen is when foreign forces fully withdraw from Afghan soil.US President Donald Trump said that all American forces will withdraw from Afghanistan by early next year. This is the longest combat mission for the American people.Media contact:Meladul Haq Ahmadzai
CEO, Taleam Systems
Phone: 613-521-9229

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