Air Georgian Ltd.

Canadian Corporate Jet Charter continues to expand

Air Canada Express partner Air Georgian offers new services and a new base of operations as it looks at future growth opportunities.

Toronto-based corporate aircraft charter and flight operations solutions company Air Georgian, an Air Canada partner via a capacity purchase agreement, continues to grow its service offerings and reach following a rebranding from Air Canada Alliance to Air Canada Express earlier this year and the more recent opening of its third base of operations in Calgary.

“We are extremely proud to be a continuing our partnership with Air Canada and we look forward to strengthening their brand under the Air Canada Express banner,” says Eric Edmondson, President, Air Georgian. 

Edmondson joined Air Georgian in November 1994.  As president, he directs the Company’s day-to-day operations and future growth plans. Edmondson has over 20 years’ experience in commercial aviation including flight operations, airline management and strategic airline planning. He is an airline transport rated pilot and has flown numerous aircraft types.

In addition to Air Georgian’s successful airline operations, the company has experienced strong growth from its other diverse offerings which include: executive aircraft charter, large group shuttle programs, aircraft maintenance, corporate aircraft management and outsourced flight operations support.  “These service pillars represent great growth opportunities for Air Georgian and as a direct result of our operational experience, leveraged airline infrastructure capabilities and brand support, Air Georgian has been able to realize a distinct advantage and offer a greater value proposition than our industry competitors,” says Ian Wilson, Manager of Business Development.

For corporate clients seeking professional flight operations services and who value the benefits of private aircraft travel, Air Georgian offers flight solutions in several of its light and medium sized jet aircrafts as well as large turbo-prop aircrafts.  Air Georgian also has extensive experience in the operation of small to large scale employee shuttle programs, where there is a need to transport groups of employees to mining sites, oil and gas regions, city destinations as well as arctic regions.  The company has also expanded into West Africa offering corporate shuttle support services, and sees great growth potential throughout Africa in support of  large multinational corporations. “Our clients see the ownership or use of private aircraft as an effective business tool that brings with it the ability to move critical employees to destinations where where they need to be,” says Wilson.

Over the last three years, Air Georgian’s profile within the industry and with its clients has gained new altitude. “We have achieved greater recognition and awareness from the local business communities in all of the markets we service, from current and past clients, government agencies, as well as large and well-established national and international corporations. Our vertically integrated strategy and total operational experience has carried forward into our aircraft charter, aircraft management and aircraft maintenance environments.  We have given our clients the confidence that they have chosen the right aviation service provider,” says Edmondson.

One of Air Georgian’s strongest growing market segments has been its aircraft maintenance services.  By investing in new technologies, equipment and human capital, Air Georgian has expanded its service offerings to include managed aircraft maintenance, on demand support, scheduled line maintenance, avionics repairs and specialty engine repairs. “Our maintenance department has grown by more than 300 per cent in recent years.  We support several third-party operators and clients with our maintenance services.  We look forward to aggressively growing this segment of our business,” comments Edmondson.

As a result of its partnership with Air Canada operating under the brand name of Air Canada Express, Air Georgian has consistently been held to the highest airline industry standard—the IATA International Operational Safety Audit.  In support of the IOSA standard, Air Georgian has developed and implemented industry leading processes, programs and procedures that it now offers to external third -party clients and operators who need the support of a well-established company. These support services include safety management, quality management consulting and monitoring, flight crew training, flight dispatch training as well as flight dispatch and crew scheduling services. “Operational support services, both domestically and internationally, is another segment of our operation that we feel will experience strong growth in the future and we are committed to investing in new opportunities in this area,” says Wilson.

As a member of the Mississauga Board of Trade, Air Georgian is well represented at community events, formal dinners, conferences and tradeshows. The company see enormous value in connecting with new and past clients from within the Mississauga business community.

With its corporate jet business gaining new heights, Air Georgian supports Canadian corporations and helps take this business to the next level. “We are thankful for the support and opportunities our clients and employees have given us over the years.  They represent an integral part of our corporate success.

As we look to the future, we hope to expand our operations over the next five years with Air Canada as well as continued growth thorough all of our service offerings. One of our long term goals is to expand into the larger 30-74 seat turbo prop market most likely in support of corporate shuttle programs either here in Canada or abroad,” says Edmondson.

About Air Georgian Limited

Air Georgian Limited, a subsidiary of Georgian International, was formed in 1984 and operates under the brand Air Canada Alliance, focusing on trans-border and domestic aircraft charter operations with its fleet of 15 Beechcraft 1900D twin-engine turboprop airplanes that carry over 320,000 passengers a year from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Halifax’s Robert L. Stanfield International Airport and Calgary’s International Airport to 22 Canadian and U.S. destinations.  Air Georgian’s head office and maintenance facilities are located at Pearson International Airport, ranked as the fourth largest user by traffic frequency. In addition to its scheduled passenger service Air Georgian offers aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft management and technical training services to major airlines, corporations and individuals.