Aislelabs Announces Automated Social Distancing Occupancy Counter for Large Retailers

TORONTO, April 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aislelabs announces a WiFi based occupancy counter that automatically counts the number of visitors at a property and delivers it to security personnel and management. This suite uses a site’s existing wireless infrastructure, so no capital expense is required, and can be deployed to ensure malls meet rigorous mandated government and health agency requirements for shopper occupancy.
The solution works by anonymously triangulating the position of each customer’s mobile device in a location without requiring shoppers to sign into the WiFi or download an app. This automatically provides accurate counts of current customers in real-time at each location which is visible across an entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard.Real-time occupancy counterProvide security personnel stationed at entrances with up to the minute information regarding the current occupancy levels via a mobile phone portal. This ensures that each guard stationed at every operating entrance will automatically receive the same current, real-time visitor count.This allows them to let more waiting customers into a property when the occupancy drops without the need to manually count.Threshold and occupancy alertsThe Aislelabs solution automatically sends out emails and alert SMS messages to executives and management when occupancy levels climb past a customizable threshold. For example, if government and health agencies require a limit of 1,000 shoppers at a mall, a threshold limit of 800 can be set. When the occupancy crosses above that threshold, a warning is triggered allowing management to redeploy extra security to help manage entrances.Shopping center status for the public via web and appsReal-time occupancy can be used to inform customers of the best times and locations to visit. Leveraging APIs, notifications can be delivered to websites or mobile apps to inform shoppers when the occupancy at each shopping center is low, moderate, or high.Completely auditable for management and regulatory bodiesThe centralized dashboard and mobile web portals display the current occupancy tally of a location that is easily examined in real-time. In addition, Aislelabs also keeps a complete history of occupancy that is granular to the minute to ensure the entire system is auditable by regulatory organizations and management alike.About Aislelabs Inc.: Aislelabs is a technology company offering the most advanced WiFi location marketing, advertising, and analytics platform in the market working with a number of global retail chains, shopping centers, restaurants, airports, and large venues. They help clients build relationships with visitors and shoppers, marketing to them based on their behaviour inside brick-and-mortar spaces. Aislelabs technology empowers their clients to target audiences across all digital channels and create high-impact campaigns with measurable ROI. To learn more, visit their website at or contact Aislelabs at 1 (888) 765-3645 or by email media(at)aislelabs(dot)com.
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