Aivia announces Communikit 2.5 upgrade, featuring comprehensive in-app support system

EDMONTON, Alberta, May 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Aivia announced the most comprehensive upgrade to its revolutionary platform Communikit since the launch of Version 2.0 in August 2021. The burden of directing app users to technical support has been lifted from community administrators by the new 24/7 in-app support ticketing system. App users can now submit tickets that connect them directly with developers to solve any issues quickly and easily, while community administrators can monitor the support tickets through the Admin Panel and add comments.

This ticketing system focuses help requests into a single channel of communication—app users do not have to contact multiple people when help is needed. This also means a remote First Nations community can provide the same level of communication and support to members who live off-reserve all over North America as they provide to those who live near the Band Office.

Since its launch in 2018, Communikit has grown to span Canada coast-to-coast, serving over 80 Indigenous organizations by the end of 2022. The main driver behind this quick adoption is access to a system that broadcasts important community alerts to members with a free-to-download-and-install app that can be updated from anywhere, anytime. In addition, Aivia trains clients to use the alert system, in addition to providing support services and promotional materials. Aivia also offers affordable pricing that scales with the size of client communities.

Version 2.5 allows app users to log in and create their own in-app experience by creating and curating their own list of favourite content, including news items, documents, forms, events, and job postings. The upgraded smart-form system now permits users to save their progress as they go, and return later to submit their information.

Administrators can now save valuable time and make better posts by using the new in-browser app content preview tool to see what their posts will look like on user devices as they are creating them in real time. Making forms and other content has never been easier — no more guessing about what it will look like with Communikit’s new hands-free approach, eliminating the need to have a phone in your hand.

Focusing user attention on the most important information first has been made easier than ever thanks to the app-wide pinned post feature, ensuring that vital content is viewed first and never missed. Featured posts have also received a major facelift: they have been moved from the top of the dashboard to the main feed and are emphasized through a larger title card and image. Featured posts are also now unlimited, so administrators no longer have to worry about managing which of their posts are featured at any given time. These updates have created a more visually interesting and streamlined appearance, and gives administrators more control over the hierarchy of information.

Additionally, as part of the Version 2.5 upgrade, Communikit now includes a new automated analytics reports service that can be enabled in the Administration Panel — stakeholders can now receive vital information about their app’s performance on a regular basis.

All of these new features come wrapped in an enhanced app and platform interface designed for ease-of-use, efficiency, and visual appeal.

For progressive Indigenous leaders interested in adopting the Communikit platform for their communities, simply visit the Communikit website and click the “Request a Demo” button!

About Aivia
Aivia Design & Technology Engineering Inc. (pronounced AY-vee-yuh) is a software and mobile app development company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Aivia has been serving Indigenous clients since its inception in 2002, creating durable, scalable, and beautiful apps with a focus on cultural sensitivity.

About Communikit
Communikit is a mobile application platform developed by Aivia that enables the leadership of Indigenous Nations and organizations to communicate with their members at any time, no matter where they are. The first and fastest-growing network of its kind in Canada, Communikit currently serves over 80 Nations and Indigenous organizations across Canada.

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