Aliya Foods Introduces Industrial Robotics With Help From Cam | Industrial for Faster, More Efficient Packing & Packaging Line

LEDUC, Alberta, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canada’s largest exporter of Indian food, Aliya’s Food Limited, is excited to introduce a tailored automated solution to increase outputs on their Chef Bombay Samosa packaging line.

Having gone from a single machine that could manufacture 40,000 samosas a day back in 2000, Chef Bombay now has eleven machines producing over 400,000 samosas a day in their facility. Their next step in innovation is incorporating a fully automated packaging line, the system is designed for a production rate of 850 kg/hour.

Remtech Systems and Cam | Industrial are designing a tailored automated packaging system to replace the current packaging process which involves manually counting samosas and hand sealing bags. The fully automated system will be installed in Aliya’s new facility in Edmonton in June 2021.

The new system is utilizing Aliya’s existing conveyors and introducing industrial robotics from ABB to further increase productivity. Remtech Systems has provided engineering and design services, with the installation, commissioning, and planned maintenance provided by Cam | Industrial.

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Animation Description

  1. Samosas come out of a freezer on a conveyor
  2. Samosas travel down and are picked up three at a time by four ABB FlexPicker Robots and placed on the infeed of a bagging machine in the correct count for their primary packaging. There are 4 FlexPickers in total simultaneously picking and placing groups of 12-15 Samosas at a time.
  3. The counted samosas then travel down a conveyor and enter a bagging machine where the individual samosas are put into their primary packaging.
  4. The bagged samosas then travel further down and enter the secondary packaging machine where the bags are then placed into their cartons. 
  5. The fully sealed cartons are then picked up, twelve, eight or six at a time by an ABB Case Packing Robot and placed into their cases.
  6. The open cases travel down a conveyor through a case sealer.
  7. The sealed boxes then get picked and placed by an ABB Robot Palletizer onto pallets for storage or shipping.
  8. The open tertiary packaging travels down conveyor #2 through a case sealer
  9. The sealed boxes then get picked and placed by an ABB palletizer, up to four at a time into their final packaging and onto pallets for storage or shipping.

“The growing popularity of Indian food and samosa in particular have given us the momentum to expand over the past 20 years and the continued demand has us looking into more automated solutions to continue for the next 20 years. Adding this automation to our packing line removes some of the most repetitive jobs for people and will give us an opportunity to free up our team members for more skilled positions. Working with Remtech and Cam | Industrial through this design process has been effortless due to their expertise in the area. We are looking forward to working with them on future projects.”

– Noorudin Jiwani, co-founder, Chef Bombay

Having made several automation advancements in their facility over the last 20 years, Aliya Foods has a long history of growth and innovation, making them a competitive leader in Alberta’s Food and Beverage Industry.

Company Descriptions

Aliya’s Foods Limited

Aliya’s Foods Limited is a family owned and operated business specializing in authentic Indian cuisine manufactured in a state-of-the-art automated facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Incorporated in 2000, they have become the leading food manufacturer specializing in ready to eat authentic Indian cuisine, from family recipes passed down through the generations. In 20 Aliya’s foods was listed as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by the Globe and Mail.

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Cam | Industrial has been serving Canada with smart, innovative, and impactful commercial and industrial solutions for over 40 years and has successfully completing thousands of projects, gaining the trust of and loyal support of many clients from a variety of industries. Several recent projects have featured the integration of material handling and storage systems including pallet racking, shelving, conveyors, automated storage, mezzanines, robotics, dock equipment, and packaging equipment. Cam | Industrial provides complete solutions by utilizing its in-house Design, Engineering, and Field services teams and leveraging the strength of its manufacturing partners.

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Remtech’s robotic products and automated solutions make manufacturing more efficient while removing workers from the danger zone. Their products include industrial robotic cells, safety systems, quality control and vision systems and custom automation solutions. Coquitlam, British Columbia.

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About ABB

ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robot software, equipment, and complete application solutions. As one of the world’s leading robotics and machine automation suppliers, home in 53 countries and have shipped more than 500,000 robot solutions.

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