All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd

The Canadian Business Journal spoke with All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd President Jerry van Halderen between work sites in the Quesnel, B.C. area in late October. As a leader in Rough Terrain crane operations in Western Canada, van Halderen is rarely in the office these days.

All-West Crane and Rigging has built a position in the market as a speciality crane service provider because they know what will work in difficult terrain and confined work sites. The company has an inventory of cranes designed for use ranging from small, residential jobs, to the heavy industrial projects. The company does work for Telus, B.C. Hydro, large construction firms, sawmills, industrial plants, and mining companies.

The company motto of “providing safe, efficient & professional service to our customers is our highest priority” is behind the planned re-structure of their crane inventory.   The company was struggling during the recession in 2009 & 2010, so they re-evaluated their clientele, their potential clientele and their crane inventory. They identified a need to invest in newer, larger cranes in order to expand their customer base into the heavy construction industry.“After viewing the entire market, we felt the Link-Belt Rough Terrain Cranes were the best product because they offered strong, serviceable load charts,” says van Halderen. “

The new Linkbelt Series II cranes are engineered from the ground up for easy transportability, which gives us the ability to mobilize cranes in and out more efficiently and often for less cost than Conventional Hydraulic Truck cranes or All-Terrain cranes.”  In addition the Rough Terrain crane is well suited to a variety of applications, therefore enabling the company the versatility to provide a complete service.

Adding 3 Dimensional Lift Planning to their range of services gave the company an advantage over other crane companies, as they are one of the only crane companies in British Columbia utilizing this technology. All-West Crane and Rigging’s 3-D Lift Planning services streamline job productivity and increase safeguards for both regular and engineered lifts.

The final piece of the full service puzzle was to add their own fleet of highway trucks and trailers to enable quick and efficient mobilization response times to and from job sites as well as the ability to move customer’s materials from job “laydown areas” or longer distances if needed.

The company now owns the largest Rough Terrain crane in British Columbia and possibly the smallest crane as well. From the Link Belt RTC 80130-II 130 Ton Rough Terrain, with pick & carry capability in excess of 40,000 pounds, to the URW 295 Spydercrane, a crane small enough to fit through an office door and light enough to be moved in a standard freight elevator, All-West Crane and Rigging is equipped to service its diverse clientele from start to finish.

With over 20 years’ experience, All-West Crane and Rigging has deep ties in the industrial, construction and mining industries in B.C., and is now expanding its services into Alberta. All-West Crane and Rigging continues to put its customers’ satisfaction first, with a focus on offering an exhaustive fleet for Canada’s unique rough terrain needs.