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Safety, Security, Integrity

The need for a safe and secure building environment is paramount, and the integrity of every entrance and doorway is critical. No one understands this better than Allmar Inc., Canada’s largest team of architectural hardware and building specialty experts.

Allmar takes pride in being the complete source for security, fire, and life safety products. Its product application expertise includes commercial, residential, hospitality, and institutional projects.

Allmar’s dedication to providing no-hassle customer service and quality product solutions is respected by its clients and peers, and is captured by Allmar’s “Safety, Security, Integrity” theme. Founded in Winnipeg in 1957 by Henry Redekopp, the company has always emphasized the “Golden Rule” of treating others with respect. Its customer service priority has earned the company a solid reputation, allowing it to expand across Canada from Victoria to Ottawa, including divisions operated as Quality Door Hardware in Thunder Bay and Waco Western Hardware in Calgary. Each branch is staffed with experienced DHI-accredited consultants and sales representatives to meet customers’ design, consulting, installation and service needs.

Allmar is embarking on a new chapter in its history by embracing leading edge marketplace opportunities and trends by providing the latest in keyless access and egress control solutions, barrier-free automatic entrance systems, innovative wireless and touchless products, including installation and service. Allmar also introduced the Fire Door Assembly Protection and Maintenance Program, helping ensure your facility is safe and secure.

While Allmar is Canada’s largest opening solutions provider, its product line varies from hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, mechanical and electro-mechanical door hardware, access and egress control solutions, to automatic door operators, a product line geared to enhance building access and function. Division 10 specialty products like washroom accessories, toilet Partitions, lockers, mailboxes, wall protection, chalk and tackboards, movable partitions and folding doors round out the package to provide a sound business partner.

“Achieving the balance of function and convenience, as well as meeting fire and life-safety codes and today’s security requirements can be complex,” says Don Lopatka, National Marketing Manager.

Allmar’s expertise in this field provides the user options from conventional key operated systems, to entry level and advanced access control systems, right up to alarm and video monitoring equipment. “With our national network of experts and the huge array of products available to us, we’re confident that we have the resources in place to meet your budget while best serving your project—from architects and contractors right down to end users.”

Many of Allmar’s clients have facilities with mechanical key systems, requiring ongoing system maintenance and lost key replacement. However, with new user and budget friendly advancements in wired and wireless security products, the conversion from traditional keys to cards, fobs or other credentials is achievable in new, retrofit or existing facilities, as pointed out by Lopatka. Allmar, already the go-to company for safety and security advice, provides solutions and designs with the architect’s and the building owner’s needs in mind, to ensure the product can be easily installed, commissioned, and maintained.

“This allows the customer not only to maintain security and operate more cost-effectively, but also enables customers to make changes on the fly to control users’ access permissions, a task which is impossible to do with conventional keying,” says Lopatka. “You would require a full time on-site locksmith. The owner can, through their software management of the access control system, modify the users’ access daily, hourly, weekly. This provides significant increased building functionality.”

Allmar has partnered in providing security and product solutions in many Canadian buildings of such distinction as the new Ottawa Convention Center, Montfort and Queensway Carleton hospitals in the Ottawa Region, Mount Sinai and Sunnybrook Hospital of Toronto, plus the exclusive Trump Tower in Toronto. As we move west, projects include the Manitoba Hydro Building in Winnipeg, the Stampede Roundup and Remand Centres in Calgary, the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Edmonton Clinic, B.C. Lottery Corporation Offices, Jameson House in Vancouver, Rankin Inlet Correctional Centre and Whitehorse Correctional Centre. In addition, Allmar has garnered international exposure in the United States, Bahamas, England, Russia, and Mexico.

Through its subsidiary, Greensteel Industries, Allmar offers superior steel doors and frames very quickly customized to suit any need. Clientele receives the advantage of factory direct pricing, while at the same time ensuring quality and on-time delivery.

Besides products oriented to safety and security, Allmar has a vast line of building specialty products dedicated to maintaining the highest standards such as conventional and hands-free washroom accessories, metal and plastic toilet partitions, lockers and storage compartments, and door and wall protection. Allmar also supplies, installs, and services sound-rated movable partitions, folding doors, and grilles for meeting and conference facilities.

Throughout Allmar’s history, it has had long-standing relationships with industry leading manufacturers that provide the best selection of products. These manufacturing partners provide ongoing training to its sales team to ensure the company is aware of the latest trends and product advancements.

“We know that over 2,600 Canadian projects have registered for LEED certification, from office towers to single family homes. In our view, this is just the beginning,” says Lopatka. “With the support of our manufacturing partners, Allmar is working hard to stay ahead of this important trend. LEED and green building in general fall very much within our scope and we are fully engaged.”

Fire Door Assembly Inspection Program

Over many decades, Allmar has supported the growth of the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) in Canada, the sole hallmark of professional training in the industry. Allmar employs and trains a large percentage of DHI members, many of whom also serve in national and local administrative roles with DHI Canada. In addition, Allmar staff members are currently engaged in several DHI national committees including the chapter liaison, the strategic planning committee, and the board of certification. Allmar has many active industry and consultant status members (AHC, CDC, EHC, AOC) and now two fire and egress door assembly inspectors (FDAI). Lopatka presently holds the role as Director of the DHI Canada Fire Door Assembly Inspection committee.

DHI specifies that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, only a person with knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the type of door being subject to testing can inspect fire doors and sign the record of inspection. The level of knowledge and understanding required comes as the result of experience and proper training, such as that offered by DHI.

“We inspect fire doors to ensure they comply with manufacturing standards, fire and life safety code requirements to ensure that if something goes wrong, it is properly protecting the zone of the building,” says Lopatka. “As well, Allmar keeps its clients at the forefront of fire protection codes and technology so that every possible precaution is taken in a particular building.”

Whether it be for building surveys, site support, or safety and security enhancements, Allmar knows that no matter what the building, fire protection is of primary concern. Co-driven by fire officials, Allmar provides you with the best value.

“Our people care about the job as much as you do. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 50 years and how we’ve grown to become Canada’s largest supplier of door and hardware solutions. You can always count on Allmar to serve your needs both now and in the future.”

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