Alphacasting Inc.

Alloys that fuel the high-tech world

Founded in 1990 – following the 5,000 year old metal casting traditions – Montreal-based Alphacasting Inc. has become a renowned producer of precision investment casting worldwide. Today the company pours some 120 different types of alloys, casting parts for a wide variety of industries.

“While our competitors generally focus on specific alloys, we cast a whole lineup of alloys such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, titanium and exotic metallic and non-metallic alloys. Our ability to provide such a wide variety of alloy casting services had turned Alphacasting into a company with 300 business clients, 120 employees and sales reaching the $12 million mark,” says Frederik Centazzo, Vice-President of Alphacasting Inc.

Investment casting, one of the oldest known industrial metal-forming techniques, allows for the production of components with high accuracy, versatility, integrity and repeatability of the casting process. Investment casting can produce complicated shapes that would be nearly impossible to cast with die casting or sand casting. Alphacasting produces all the carbon steel alloys, stainless 300 & 400 series, 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH, aluminum alloys, titanium, brass and bronze.

The process is generally used for small castings, but may be used to produce larger items, and Alphacasting can cast sizes from fractions of an ounce to up to 35 pounds.

Alphacasting specializes in the production of innovative and modern castings for the high-tech industries, offering air, pressurized and vacuum casting for clients from around the world, with current contracts in Canada, United States, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Israel, France, and Belgium. Alphacasting provides clients with thorough design consultation, full technical staff support and complete product finishing services. The company strives to fulfill all customer requests regarding product quality and delivery timelines. To do this well, Alphacasting continues to increase efficiency, precision and punctuality, raising the bar in customer service.

“We employ world class engineering team and highly skilled employees to supervise our manufacturing processes. Our facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment such as fully automated wax injectors, robotized molding room, programmable burn-out furnaces, image analysis system, coordinate measuring machine and an aluminum heat-treating furnace. To maintain high quality production standards, we go to great lengths to maintain tight control of all the processes. 40 per cent of our 64,000 square foot facility has precision temperature controls, where Alphacasting accomplishes the most complex and demanding casting projects.”

The quality assurance at Alphacasting begins with the raw material in its crude state, and Alphacasting works exclusively with qualified and specialized raw alloy suppliers. From here, the company had designed specialized testing procedures to ensure that quality standards of current processes are complied with, maintained and enhanced throughout the production process. The company introduced scrutinous technological protocols such as spectrographic chemical analysis, computerized dimensional measuring, and physical, mechanical, destructive and non-destructive testing to deliver the highest quality products.

Alphacasting stays ahead of the competition by offering the newest advancements in the industry, such as Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and lost wax casting process. HIP is a compact, modular, high-temperature system designed to perform hot isostatic pressing in a gas-based atmosphere. The new process reduces metal loss, maximizes material usage, improves alloy properties and advances the casting process as a whole. Alphacasting engineers have also perfected the lost wax casting process. This process now allows the company to produce thin-walled parts while maintaining high structural integrity of the product. Using these and other technologies, the company manufactures highly complex parts while being fully capable of delivering a cornucopia of configuration details, and complying with stringent technical tolerances and trimming clients’ operating costs.

Alphacasting’s meticulous quality control and highest technological advancements brought the company contracts from governments and large multinational companies, working with companies such as Bombardier and the U.S. government. The company participates in Bombardier’s Global and C Series aircrafts; and provides casting services for U.S. army tanks, aircrafts and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The company currently negotiates projects with Safran Group, a world class manufacturer of aircraft and rocket engines and propulsion systems, and aircraft equipment for the propulsion of airplanes, helicopters, missiles and launch vehicles in both the civil and military markets.

The company gained several accreditations that help in competing for high-end casting projects. The company complies with government agencies of Canada and the U.S. for technical data exchange and production of goods related to military manufacturers, and also holds ISO 9001-2000, NADCAP non-destructive testing, NADCAP welding, and JCP Certification Technical Data Agreement Accreditations.

“Our ability to cast all main alloys gives us the opportunity to offer our clients turnkey solution capabilities in precision investment casting. Using the most modern technologies, and complying with technological, procedural and government requirements has turned us into a large competitor in the industry, and we expect to continue to walk the path of client satisfaction and the latest technological advancements.”