AlphaPhenomics Announces New Commercial Agreement With Inatega in Spain and Portugal

EDMONTON, Alberta, Jan. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canadian-based and precision-agriculture startup, AlphaPhenomics announced today that it has reached agreement to work exclusively with the Inatega Group on the distribution of its products and services within Spain and Portugal. AlphaPhenomics will provide its range of real-time data capture multi-spectral cameras to various ongoing multi-species commercial projects that Inatega has with its customers and sub-distributors across Spain and Portugal.
AlphaPhenomics CEO, Dr. Jack Behan stated, “We are extremely pleased with this commercial agreement as it follows significant collaboration with Inatega over the course of the last year to test the technologies we have at their customers’ farms. Inatega has an established track record of success in commercializing innovation and technology; they are an ideal partner for our Company and we are excited about working with Inatega on our first significant commercial agreement in Europe.”Pablo Garcia, CEO of Inatega added, “We now have a contract to exclusively represent AlphaPhenomics in Spain and Portugal and we are delighted. We are confident that AlphaPhenomics has the potential to become a global leader in Precision Livestock and we want to help them to achieve their mission. The technology will greatly assist and enable our commercial team to further improve the production efficiency within cattle, small ruminants and pigs for our customers and sub-distributors.”About AlphaPhenomics, Inc.AlphaPhenomics state-of-the-art technology can be applied across multiple sectors including; animal breeding, reproduction, agriculture, bio-security / bio-surveillance and veterinary supervision. The images are captured in 3D format, with multispectral potential to capture images from microwave and infra-red along with 4D video format. Using encrypted block-chain technology, the highly compressed data is sent wirelessly to central servers for biometric data processing.The Company continues to develop solutions that will allow real-time assessment for a number of purposes to assist in more accurate outcome predictions. These include metabolic surveillance as an early warning system for the prediction of disease and viral or bacterial infections. Additional information about these programs will be disclosed in the coming months. AlphaPhenomics continues to pursue additional opportunities for pipeline expansion.AlphaPhenomic’s mission is to be the leading precision livestock partner for our customers by providing a fully integrated image and data capture and analytics platform in the precision agriculture and data driven sustainable livestock farming sector.Our digital biotechnology platform, IMAGENOMICS, enables our customers to increase productivity, improve yield, and lower production costs through the use of our proprietary real-time, non-invasive, full body biometrics technology for phenotypic data capture.Investor or Media Inquiries:
Kelly Elkow
Investor & Media Relations, AlphaPhenomics
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Dr. Jack Behan
CEO, AlphaPhenomics
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