Altex Industries Inc. and Evtex Field Services

Supplier of Choice for Fabrication and Maintenance

Altex Industries is a designer and manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers. Established in 2001, Edmonton-based Altex Industries is ideally situated to serve the local petrochemical industry.

Altex Industries Provides with efficient and high quality manufactured products, such as shell and tube heat exchangers, replacement tube bundles, air cooler bundles and all types of repairs.  Altex Industries always designs and manufactures to the highest standard and at the same time maintains firm focus on providing a safe work environment. Altex Industries Inc. is responsible for the design and fabrication side of the business, while Evtex Field Services oversees the entire field maintenance operations.

Client Commitment

Altex Industries understands that it must provide its clients with a high quality product each time, every time. Stephen Hutchison, Vice-President and General Manager of Altex Industries, told The Canadian Business Journal, “Our heat transfer equipment is Canadian designed – Canadian built, by Canadians – and that is one of the things that we are committed to. We like to use the term, ‘Built by Canadians in Canada for Canadians’.

“For us, it is all about the relationships that you form with your clients. If you maintain close relationships with your clients, you create an easier platform to do business. This is something we are very high on and it has worked well for us.”

Expansion and Growth

As a reflection of its customer commitment and its desire to continuously offer a valuable, quality product, Altex Industries continues to invest in itself, both in its equipment and its facility. In recent years, the company has undergone a major expansion, with the second expansion phase to be completed this summer, where it has more than doubled its fabrication space.

Hutchison described, “We are not only doubling our shop floor area, we are also doubling the size of our office facility and adding some outside cranes for material handling, it’s a major expansion.”

The company’s first expansion, completed in 2007-08, was a 60 per cent addition to its previous production space. Similar growth has reflected on Altex Industries’ bottom line, where it has reported revenue increases of at least 25 per cent over each of its 12 years in business. Altex Industries has continued to experience rapid growth across the company as a whole, and it remains the only Canadian company which serves as both designer/fabricator and full onsite maintenance provider.

“Areas such as material handling, drilling, welding, and profile burning have been enhanced with the acquisition of new equipment. We believe that with [this expansion] in addition to our extensive experience we will remain your best choice for shell and tube heat exchanger design, fabrication and maintenance,” reads the Altex Industries website.

Future of Altex Industries

Operating in a diverse industrial market, Altex Industries points to its experience in the marketplace as a key reason for its success over the years and why satisfied clients continue to choose Altex Industries. Moving forward, the company anticipates growth with both its fabrication and field operations, which will only extend further, given the recent focus on new construction across Western Canada. Although primarily serving the Canadian market, Altex Industries notes that over the years it has also supplied equipment to as far as Cuba, Trinidad, and China.

“We envision that both sides of the company will continue to see growth, hopefully with the same growth that we have previously seen,” Hutchison detailed. “If we keep everything in play with the high level of value that we offer, we believe it will continue to grow.”

In Alberta, where significant oilsand interest has paved the way for major Western Canadian energy development, Altex Industries recognizes that as more plants come on stream, it not only increases the need for maintenance but also the company’s overall focus and effort geared toward full service.

“The maintenance side is not necessarily subjected to the same boom-bust cycles. Eventually, the pendulum swings to when there is more maintenance than new supply, so we are focusing a lot in that area,” Hutchison summarized. “At the end of the day, only so many plants can be built, but they all need to be maintained.

“Our success has been based on our relationships and to be successful in this business you need to forge solid relationships with your clients. Our clients know that when we meet to discuss issues, it’s like sitting around one table with one group of people, and it’s not the typical company/customer relationship.”