AM-TECH Electrical Power Systems

Experts in electrical contracting

AM-TECH Electrical Power Systems Ltd. has grown from a family-run business of two to a highly successful electrical contracting company with a roster of top-tier clients. Today, it is one of Ottawa’s largest contactors to work on industrial, commercial, and institutional projects. Since its inception in 1978, President Archie McKeller has lead the business into a successful era of major contracts and continued respect in the industry. This issue,

The Canadian Business Journal investigates this story of this truly successful Canadian contracting company.

Specialized services

AM-TECH provides across-the-board electrical services, from initial design consultation to construction and installation, right down to service and maintenance. A typical project has a varied scope, from the modest to the multi-million dollar project. AM-TECH has a particular reputation for specialized electrical projects, such as critical power systems or alarms, clean rooms or specialized laboratory environment, and other pertinent electrical telecommunications projects.
AM-TECH has been involved with a number of high profile projects in the National Capital Region, including the complete electrical of the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport. Other notable projects include the complete electrical for the Canadian Museum of Nature’s well-known renovations which began in 2006. The museum had a complete overhaul of all of its vital infrastructure components, and AM-TECH was responsible for the critical electrical component.

AM-TECH has an impressive roster of partners with whom it associates and places a high value on those partnerships. This continual relationship with these valued partners gives AM-TECH the advantage of collective purchasing power, giving substantial savings to clients. This competitive advantage is likely a major reason the company retains so many large and prominent contracts.

Company philosophy

As it grew from humble beginnings, AM-TECH transformed from a small, two-person family operation into a business with a significant market share, particularly in the Ottawa Region. According to the company website,

“AM-TECH maintains the principles of humility, respect and integrity in all of their business relationships and interactions with staff, clients, partners and the community.” These admirable values have obviously played an important part in the recruitment and retention of the best qualified employees. All of the AM-TECH staff are highly qualified and it places a great importance and the continual education and accreditation of these professionals. The range of professional experts is vast and includes master electricians, designers and engineers, technologists, highly experienced certified project managers, and estimators.

Safety rules

AM-TECH also employs many accredited safety officers to assist with the continual measures which must be in place for electrical work. It holds a reputation as a diligent leader of all safety practices and places the health and safety of all of its employees of the highest importance. AM-TECH has an official corporate safety policy which is strictly followed for all electrical field work. Members of the AM-TECH team have detailed knowledge of safety legislation and are often involved with the important bodies that form these regulations.

AM-TECH is a proud member of the Ottawa Construction Association’s Safety Program, a highly respected organization representing the construction industry for over 100 years. AM-TECH has also been awarded respected accolades for safety from the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Electrical Safety Authority.

As AM-TECH’s business is primarily local is places a high value on giving back to the community, and staff members are involved in contributions to a number of local charitable organizations including the Royal Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Sisters of Charity Foundation, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Habitat for Humanity and many others. This involvement is a testament to AM-TECH’s respect for the community in which it works—and the socially conscious nature of management.

AM-TECH has proven to be an industry leader for electrical contracting in the National Capital Region and is sure to have a bright and promising future.