Amazon Bans 1 Million Products

Amazon logo

CBJ — has barred more than one million products from sale in recent weeks after they made inaccurate — and sometimes outright false claims — of having cures to defend against the coronavirus, or COVID as it is known come to be known.

Amazon also removed thousands of merchant deals where it was apparent there was attempted price-gouging of customers.

The world’s largest online retailer has taken a much more aggressive stance after being criticized by the U.S. government and some business entities regarding certain business tactics being used on its platform.

It’s estimated COVID has caused nearly 3,000 deaths worldwide. New reported infections around the world now exceed those from mainland China, where the flu-like disease arose two months ago out of an illegal wildlife market.

While COVID is definitely cause for concern, and deserves the attention from governments and the medical community at large, it should also be noted that a significant number of those who have died already had underlying health issues, whether they were elderly and frail or those with compromised immune systems.


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