Amelia Island Wins Henry Award for Location Advertising with Arrivalist

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Sep 6, 2017) – Arrivalist, the leading location analytics company, today announced that its client Amelia Island Convention and Visitors Bureau has won a Henry Award from Visit Florida for their advertising campaign offering local destination information to visitors. The award was presented at VISIT FLORIDA’s annual Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism as part of the Flagler Awards ceremony, recognizing Florida’s travel businesses and organizations that demonstrate outstanding tourism marketing efforts. The campaign used Arrivalist’s Connected Traveler offering to analyze in-market consumers and then allow Amelia Island to target visitors who came to Amelia Island, all in order to provide them with relevant local messaging upon arrival. The mobile ad campaign provided visitors with information about local events and dining options while they were physically in Amelia Island, as most activity and event planning is done while in market via mobile phones.

“With Arrivalist, we were able to learn about people before they visited the island, and then immediately recognize and message visitors once they arrived with great accuracy,” said Ktimene Axetell at Amelia Island Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Amelia Island offers an array of special events and small businesses to discover, so providing a single stream of coordinated information during their visit was crucial to the campaign’s success.”

Amelia Island visitors spend $280 million annually on dining and activities, all while in market. The tourism bureau had three goals for the campaign:

  • Communicate that Amelia Island is a vibrant destination with many events and dining options to choose from.
  • Support local small businesses and organizations (like local theatre) that can’t advertise on their own.
  • Boost economic impact by encouraging visitors to discover activities and restaurants.

Timing and accurate location data from Arrivalist allowed Amelia Island to send relevant messages for many different restaurants and attractions across the island to people while they were actually in market, significantly increasing the value of the messages and their impact on local sales. Using the Connected Traveler technology helped Amelia Island increase fourth quarter 2016 tourism spending by 8.4%. Meanwhile, traffic to the calendar section of nearly tripled, resulting in a surge of web traffic to local event organizers.

“The challenge for many destinations is to provide enough information while visitors are actually in market, deciding what they want to do that day or the next day,” said Cree Lawson, CEO and Founder of Arrivalist. “Connected Travelers is a product that uses location data to enable its clients to deliver highly targeted information to people when they are in the right place. We are thrilled that it worked so well for Amelia Island.”

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