Arcadia Recovery Bureau Reveals Increased Efficiency, Performance and Patient Experience in 2015

BUFFALO, N.Y. and READING, Pa., Dec. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — John Fiumano, President and CEO, Arcadia Recovery Bureau released today results of Arcadia’s experience using Castel Detect™ speech analytics over the past year.
Implemented earlier this year, Castel Detect’s™ ability to alert agents of customer agitation levels during live calls effectively resulted in agents responding with increased empathy and more attention. Fiumano praised the system stating, “Castel Detect’s™ ability to provide business intelligence has not only enhanced patient experience, but increased revenue opportunity on every call. The solution has exceeded our expectations and continues to drive operational strategies for our business and that of our clients.”Castel Detect’s™ intuitive screens gives users the information they need to address immediate risks stemming from emotionally-charged statements and can suggest next-best-step actions to users all while the conversation with patients is occurring. In addition to providing a better patient experience, Arcadia reported that using Castel Detect™ within their multi-site call centers helped to reduce complaints, improve recoveries and deliver sustained superior results.For more information, read the case study.About Arcadia: Since 1973 Arcadia Recovery Bureau has served as a trusted partner to over 800 clients, providing accounts receivable management solutions to community hospitals, hospital systems, physician practices, municipal court systems and utilities organizations nationwide. Arcadia processes nearly $1 billion in placements annually and is renown in enhancing the patient experience while delivering maximum recovery services to clients. For more information about Arcadia’s services please visit Castel: Founded in 1982, Castel designs call center software, services and solutions engineered for businesses. Castel listens, learns, plans and partners with companies to define and realize their future. For more information, news and perspectives from Castel, please visit Castel Newsroom at©2016 Castel Communications, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Castel logo is a trademark of Castel Communications, LLC.Media Contact:
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