Arrow Transportation Systems Inc.

Leading the way in developing service-focused transportation solutions

Since 1919, Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. (“Arrow”) has played a key role in the Canadian and U.S. transportation landscape while providing high quality service at a reasonable cost. Their core services include trucking, materials handling, logistics, consulting and advisory services and technology solutions. The company is going to turn 100 years old in 2019, defining its resiliency as it continues to move forward through innovation.

Operating out of two corporate locations in Vancouver and Kamloops, B.C., Arrow has 40 divisions across North America and is leading the way in developing service focused transportation solutions by working with a broad range of customers, hauling a wider variety of products and expanding their presence throughout North America. “In the last twenty years, we have managed to grow substantially, mostly organically,” says Tim Bell, Vice President – Trucking Operations. “During this period, we increased sales every year with the exception of 2009 and 2010, which were years affected by the global financial meltdown. The majority of the growth has come from new core bulk trucking contracts in the forestry and mining sectors as well as new reload business in Western Canada and the US”.

Achieving Definable Value

“On the surface, running a transportation and distribution business may seem relatively straight forward,” says Bell. “The fact is, the overall skill set to operate them properly is quite significant; we have the operating experience, management team, technology platforms, relationships and financial strength to employ in the service to our customers. After that, it all comes down to how we are executing and this is where we focus everyday.”

The company takes great pride in providing high-quality, cost effective service that meet the needs of their customers. Value creation and cost savings throughout the logistics chain is a core focus at Arrow; the more competitive they are as a supplier, the more competitive their customers are in the marketplace. “Arrow has always prided itself as being a service focused organization,” says Bell. “Our relationships with customers speak for itself when you consider that we have been with many of our customers for over 40 years. We believe that we have a responsibility to develop more cost effective ways of doing our business and sharing improvement gains with our customers.”

Arrow is staffed by a diverse, broadly educated and well-experienced group of professionals, ranging in logistics professionals, to engineers, environmentalists, drivers, mechanics and support staff. “We understand the importance of partnerships and know that through working together and pooling our collective knowledge, experience and resources, we can reach new heights of excellence in service innovation, cost control and market responsiveness,” says Bell.

Technology differentiates Arrow from its competitors. “We are very excited about our technology business, Streamline Transportation Technologies,” says Bell. “Streamline is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. and is our primary provider for all mobile technology. Streamline builds industry leading on-board trucking technology, support solutions, integration products and back office tools targeted at the mobile transportation market.”

In 2016, Streamline acquired Spur Innovations, an automotive technology company based in Vancouver, B.C. This acquisition expanded the capacity of Arrow’s overall technology platform by allowing them to add active controls and other additional functionality that their competitors don’t offer. “Over the past year, the market has been very receptive to this offering and we have landed some cornerstone customers,” says Bell. (to learn more go to:

A Strong Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Arrow Transportation is shaping the road ahead by delivering innovation and creating advanced mobility solutions for safe and responsible transportation services. “We have become a truly diversified transportation, distribution and materials handling business,” says Bell. “Today, we handle over 65 different products and commodities throughout Canada and the US. We are seeing a solid outlook for the economy in general and the industries we support specifically. In the coming years, we will continue to grow our core transportation business by providing a more integrated, multimodal services to our customers.”

“The resource industry has embraced the fundamental tenants of social responsibility, respect for communities and regard for the natural environment,” says Bell. “We fully support this trend and have focused a lot of efforts in this area.” The company has established a number of First Nations Joint Venture partnerships to open up new markets and secure existing ones. They also invested heavily in equipment technology that has reduced environmental impacts. “We pioneered the move towards the 9 axle configuration in mining and are working on similar solutions in forestry,” says Bell. “As well, we invested in 26 Liquefied Natural Gas tractors which significantly reduced the carbon dioxide emissions. These efforts were recognized by in 2016 when we received the Smartway Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for our commitment to energy efficiency.”

Loyalty is something Arrow has worked very hard to earn and demonstrate; they take enormous pride in the relationships they have built over the past 95 plus years. Their customers and partners know that Arrow is a committed, dependable company that cares as much about their partners’ success, as their own. “We pride ourselves by the fact that in no circumstance, do we take a position of economic benefit if it affects our partners in a negative manner,” says Bell. “Our vision is simple. Invest in people that have respect for others, intelligent decision making, a penchant for customer service and high quality relationships,” says Bell. We provide them with the technology and tools to do the job and make them self-sufficient.”

As a major transportation provider, Arrow enjoys the advantage of being associated with most of the largest shippers in Canada and the US. They are often sought after to provide transportation expertise on existing and upcoming opportunities. “We are very comfortable that we are setting the table for many good years ahead and have great confidence in our strategic and operating initiatives,” says Bell. “We have excellent people, an enviable, diversified and long-term business portfolio, a sound balance sheet and excellent growth opportunities.”

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