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The Ontario Good Roads Association

Working for Municipalities The Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) is one of Canada’s largest municipal associations. The organization represents the transportation and public [...]

GS1 Canada/GS1

With all of Canada aiming for a truly effective healthcare system, it was timely that CBJ had the opportunity to speak with Alicia Duval, SVP, Healthcare for GS1 Canada, to talk about improving [...]

Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association

More than 500 senior executives from within the telecom, broadcast and information technology industries were among those gathered at the annual Canadian Telecom Summit held at the Toronto [...]

Purchasing Management Association of Canada

On November 24, 2009, the Purchasing Manage­ment Association of Canada, the leading associa­tion for supply chain management professionals in Canada, announced that it has established two [...]

Canadian Construction Association

The Voice of Canada’s Largest Industry The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that represents the national and international interests of [...]

The Logistics Institute

Dubbed the Driving Force of Human Achievement, The Logistics Institute was founded in 1990 by 12 leading logistics industry associations to promote the logistics profession and create a [...]

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