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Assured Automotive

Partnering in success

“It’s not just about the car. It’s about the customer.” It is this approach that has served in the success of Assured Automotive, the GTA-headquartered collision repair company that began its operations more than 20 years ago and has grown leaps and bounds over that time.

Corporately owned, Assured Automotive operates 34 collision repair facilities across the Greater Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe. Among these locations, 21 are full-fledged, repair production facilities, while 13 locations are classified as dealer service centres; strategically located within automotive dealerships. A well-planned, corporate strategy has played an astute role in the development of Assured Automotive over the years, growing through unique partnerships with vendors, insurers, and dealers; a strategy that has today woven itself into the company philosophy.

This month, Tony Canadé, President & COO of Assured Automotive, spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about the success of the company, elaborating on how strategic partnerships have played an impressive role in the organizational growth of Assured Automotive.

Profitable partnerships

“What we’ve done with these dealer service centres is provide a collision repair solution for our dealer partners and for their customers, offering increased comfort, confidence, and convenience,” Canadé explained.

Customers are able to leave their vehicle at the dealership, with the vehicle then transferred to a production facility and returned to the dealership for delivery once repairs are completed.

“‘Strategic partnership’ is a bit of a loose term to some people, but for us, it really means a collaborative relationship which creates win-win situations beneficial to both partners,” Canadé said.

Strategic partnerships allow Assured Automotive to grow and benefit customers and partners mutually by expanding throughout the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas in recent years.

“Because we’re corporately owned, our growth has to be strategic,” Canadé explained. “We don’t grow for the sake of growing. We ensure that whatever market we expand into will ultimately provide a solution for our insurance and dealer partners and will ultimately be for the benefit of the consumer.”

Greater Toronto growth

Assured Automotive’s approach toward technological advancement and innovation, and investment in these areas, has eased operational flow for both the company and its partners. As an example, Assured Automotive has simplified the automotive claims process for its mutual partners. Beefed-up value-added offerings that are beneficial to the consumer ultimately lead to furthered and continued support of the Assured Automotive brand in the markets in which it serves.

“The collision industry is maturing,” Canadé stated. “Traditionally, it was a very fragmented industry that is now really starting to consolidate, following the lead of the dealership world and also following the lead of the insurance world.

“Being on the leading edge of technology, training, and repair techniques is crucial for success in the future in our industry and that is high on the radar screen of Assured Automotive. Part of our operating culture is to ensure that we stay leading-edge in these areas. The industry itself is in a state of flux and will continue to be over the next five to 10 years as consolidation continues and ultimately evolution in the industry itself.”

Customer satisfaction

Assured Automotive has uniquely designed its operations with the needs of the customer in mind. It is the high customer service value offered by Assured Automotive that has allowed the company to gain a true understanding of the fundamental wants and needs of the consumer. By meeting these desires, it enables Assured Automotive to maintain its position as market leaders.

Canadé commented, “It’s not necessarily what we can do to lead the market, but what we can do for our customers and what they’ll do for us that will support us, placing us into that market leadership position.”

In all of its endeavors, Assured Automotive strives for continuous improvement. In recent years, the company has “done a wonderful job” in becoming more efficient, and has become more standardized operationally.

Values of honesty, integrity, and respect highlight the overall success of the company. Assured Automotive treats its customers in a uniquely superior way, that ultimately delivers a high quality experience, and the company pledges to continue to operate under these guiding principles.

“We have built our foundation on two main themes: trust and quality, and we refuse to compromise either in the repair of your vehicle,” reads the company website.

In terms of corporate sustainability, Assured Automotive will operate both strategically and profitably, creating value for all stakeholders; customers, shareholders, employees and the community. Alongside corporate sustainability is environmental sustainability, another key area to Assured Automotive and an admirable objective of the company. Assured Automotive continuously seeks out new ways to reduce its carbon footprint, managing and containing its environmental impact.

Canadé concluded, “Our results have proven to be more predictable for consumers, and our strategic partners in a highly unpredictable industry. We are a customer focused organization and continuously strive to improve the value offering for all our customers and stakeholders.”