August 11 Editorial

As you may have noticed, the team at CBJ has been very busy this month. From interviewing Tennis Canada in a special report (we’re getting ever so close to the Rogers Cup), to profiling some of the most enticing food and drink businesses in Canada like Pizzaiolo and Pacific Brewing—it’s been an exciting month.

But that’s not the only focus we’ve had for August. This month we bring you the latest in our Sustainability Series. We focus on company strengths in sustainability such as the ones exhibited by Direct Energy, and speak about human resource development at some of the country’s largest mining companies in our piece with MiHR. We were lucky enough to get an invite to see the opening of the GTA’s largest solar panel installation (a little nerve-wracking for those not fond of heights), and also feature an interview with Luiz Mello from Vale’s Technology Institute who talks about greening the industry.

If you’ve been wondering about the dipping markets lately, and if they will take a toll on Canadian business, you need only to flip through the pages of this month’s issue to see that Canada is continuously gaining strength in the world economy. And we’ll continue to bring you all the latest and greatest news in our national business landscape: whether it’s in food and drink, manufacturing, or sports (we’ve got a big one coming up in September—so stay tuned!)

Until next month,

Sara Kopamees