August 2016 Issue of The Canadian Business Journal Now Available

CBJ August 2016

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – The August issue of The Canadian Business Journal is available at Click here to enter the publication directly. Click “Full Screen” on the navigation pane for optimal viewing.

Our cover story looks at the impact the UK Brexit vote will have on Canada in terms of trading and investment opportunities. We hear from a number of experts who chime in what it could mean for our country. As a sidebar, we also have a feature on Braving Brexit and the execution of Great Britain’s daring new direction in deciding to go it alone.

Hendrik Brakel, Senior Director of Economic, Financial and Tax Policy at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce provides his take on the Canadian real estate market, asking the question as to whether home prices have gotten too high for their own good. Is it a sustainable situation or a house of cards, waiting to come crashing down?

Columnist Mark Borkowski looks at how companies can mitigate risk in an unstable business environment while Tina Tehranchian explains how to maximize charitable giving by using a holding company.

In our Business in Action Section we talk with WGI Westman Group founder Russ Edwards and his CEO Paul Cunningham, about the company’s incredible success over the past 40 years. The Winnipeg-based company has all but cornered the market on supplying steel to the agricultural and industrial sectors. We also have indepth profiles on Trade-Mark Industrial, Gullco International, Educators Financial, Chippingham Financial, Fronsac REIT, the City of Yorkton, Saskatchewan and Marble Slab Creamery. There is all of that and much more in this edition.

(Marketwired – Aug. 3, 2016)