AuthenTech Homes


AuthenTech Homes has been building award winning homes since 1991 and has earned a reputation for some of the most notable projects in the Okanagan Valley, building high-end dream homes for the local residents and those who choose to relocate to the area. While the company is committed to innovation and quality, reflecting the desires and individuality of the homeowners, the unique natural environment of the Okanagan gives great opportunities to merge building quality with the quality of life in the region.

AuthenTech Homes continues to build some of the most notable projects in the area. The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Scott Tyerman, the founder of Authentech, who spent his youth working in the Okanagan construction industry, and who decided to find his own way in the industry in 1991.

The Appeal of the Okanagan Valley

The company is well-positioned to carry on delivering on its promise of honesty, integrity and professionalism, and the Okanagan Valley has been one of the most desirable places in Canada in regards to tourism as well as business investment, and attraction of individuals seeking the Okanagan lifestyle.

Situated in the south central B.C. Interior, the Okanagan Valley is one of B.C.’s most desirable places to live, work and play. It is an attractive destination for tourists and investors, and one of the most scenic regions in Canada, with rich agricultural land, forested hills and mountain peaks, all enveloped by the region’s uniquely mild climate. The area continues to turn heads of visitors and investors, whether it’s the area’s emerging technology sector, sustainable communities or year round recreational opportunities. As a business hub, Okanagan offers a good connection with the rest of the country and internationally from its first class airport. Okanagan Valley is accessible to a regional market of 9 million consumers within a day’s journey by road, and more than 56 million
consumers within three hours by air. All these advantages turned the Okanagan Valley into an attractive destination for tourism and business.

“Okanagan is a very desirable place to live. We see an in-migration of people of all economic levels (including the affluent) coming into the Okanagan. That’s why we see a push and demand for a high-end housing product. Even in a down market we still see a lot of people coming to the area, because it’s such a desirable place to be,” says Tyerman, as the company continues to build up its name in the high-end homes segment, building on the juncture of natural beauty and business potential of the region.

Talking about the company beginnings, Tyerman pointed out the game changer projects for Authentech. “Quail Ridge was one of our first projects where we were involved from the project’s inception. Here we built numerous custom homes, as well as a 34-unit gated community called Casentino in 2005. Then we progressed onto Bella Veduta, a 22-unit luxury townhome project, and things took off from there for us,” says Tyerman.

The company’s long history of operation in the local construction industry and its involvement building popular neighbourhoods in the area has turned the Authentech name into a local household brand, and has received many local awards and accolades, but Tyerman values the most recent most. “To realize our position in the local building industry, we were voted  No. 1 Residential Builder in the Central Okanagan in 2012 by the readers of Okanagan Life.

“Our focus on innovation is what drives our success. Our focus is on practical design, creating plans and building homes that work efficiently for the homeowners, designs that make sense for modern living. We are trying to stay ahead of the curve with what people want with fresh, modern designs, new themes in homes and so on. For example, we find that people today desire more contemporary approach, so in our latest show home we try to offer just that,” Tyerman says.

Authentech delivers unique home designs with clean lines, open concept feel, all accompanied by wood accents to maintain the warmth and charm of a home, sticking with the modernism of the West Coast architecture. The company also works to incorporate the latest energy efficiencies and methods available in construction today, keeping up to date with these latest technologies.

The Okanagan high-end home market has been steady due to the desirable nature of the area. Tyerman says that the peak demand did appear shortly before the economic downturn of 2007, when the company worked on 12 to 15 individual home projects at the time. While these numbers had shrunk, the size and cost of the projects had increased, creating a new balance for the company.

One of the projects that the company has been involved with for the past 10 years has been the Wilden subdivision, the largest community between Vancouver and Calgary, with plans to build some 2,500 homes. “Wilden has been extremely popular given its proximity to downtown Kelowna yet within a very natural setting. We are a part of a select builder group within the Wilden Subdivisions [Skylands, Upper Canyon, Lost Creek, Clear Pond, Hidden Lake], and we had a great success with our homes built here, and we have recently opened a show home located at 139 Skyland Drive,” Tyerman says.

Tyerman is a Certified Residential Builder (CRB) and Registered Housing Professional (RHP), but besides integrity and commitment to quality and innovation, his and his company’s mission is to build dream homes for those who choose quality living in the highly desirable Okanagan Valley.