Auto Insurance Discount?

CBJ — Canadians who are now working at home, or no longer working at all due to the pandemic, could be eligible for discounted ratings with their auto insurer.

Drivers pay auto insurance premiums based partly on the amount of driving they do, including to and from work.

It stands to reason if someone is driving a lot less, there is less chance of an accident and therefore a temporary rebate may be possible until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Changing a vehicle’s designated use from “commute” to “pleasure” can be a difference in how much a driver must pay out per year.

Each insurance company will have different policies on what they’ll accept, but advisers say the best thing to do is contract your company if you feel you may be eligible to save money.

The Co-operators has already announced they are offering eligible clients a minimum 10% on their auto premiums. Others may well be doing the same.