Automotive Internet Media Launches AIMobile — A People-Based Marketing Product for Auto Dealerships

LA GRANGE, IL–(Marketwired – June 29, 2017) – The agency’s heritage in development, data and analytics forms the foundation for its consumer insights that derive their people-based marketing product. AIMobile creates customer experiences that drive improved marketing and sales results.

AIMobile is an end-to-end solution from Automotive Internet Media, Inc (AIM) that enables dealerships to target known individuals as they engage across every device, every browser and every channel both on and off the dealership website.

Technology allows AIMobile the ability to do what direct marketers have done for years in the auto industry — market to unique individuals. We promote the dealership across every channel, every device, at any point in time all uniquely designed for a specific real person. AIMobile puts the people at the center of the marketing strategy and not the device. The program targets all consumer devices but was named AIMobile because of the skyrocketing dominance of smartphones in America.

AIM has been providing dealerships best-in-class marketing products & services since 2008. The agency leverages a database of over 150MM opted-in consumers which creates a competitive advantage for their clients. The competitive differentiation for AIMobile is three things: the company’s ability to access the people-based marketing ecosystem, their ability to develop all creative content and the power of the data that fuels it.

“We are at the beginning of a massive shift by dealerships towards a data driven people based marketing approach,” said Tony French President of AIM. “Our vision at AIM is to transform consumer data into value for all dealerships. It’s not only about data but leveraging the right platform, channels, devices and location.”

Digital advertising continues to increase year-over year but in a mobile-first world, dealers have an opportunity to be highly relevant by leveraging a mobile advertising strategy to meet the auto shoppers while they’re shopping. Mobile search ad spending has exceeded desktop spending so it is critical for dealers that want to dominate sales; they have to “own the phone.”

“Over 71% of all Americans own a smartphone. In a mobile world, it is no surprise that digital marketing that attracts engaged auto shoppers is naturally selling more cars,” continued French. “Total digital ad spend hit a landmark $72 billion in 2016 and mobile advertising captured more than half of that for the first time ever. Dealers that realize mobile is fueling their vehicle sales are the dealerships that are surpassing their sales goals and objectives.”

The demand for cross-channel campaigns in the automotive industry will continue to grow. In order to understand the performance of these campaigns, AIMobile has the ability to track dealership conversion and attribute the performance of these campaigns. Currently, most dealerships track walk-in traffic as an offline attribution but with AIMobile you’ll be able to track the cost of an incremental sale.

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Tony French
President of Automotive Internet Media