Axiom celebrates 20 Years of Innovation successfully delivering hundreds of clinical trials with Fusion eClinical Suite

Axiom celebrates 20 Years of Innovation successfully delivering hundreds of clinical trials with Fusion eClinical Suite

TORONTO, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Axiom Real-Time Metrics (“Axiom”), premier provider of unified eClinical solutions and services to small-to-medium life science organizations around the world, announced their 20th Anniversary kickoff celebrations this month, and is celebrating two decades of helping companies deliver clinical results across dozens of therapeutic areas. Throughout the year, Axiom will release media and campaigns reflecting on twenty years of innovation and growth regarding its solutions and services to manage the task of handling complex clinical research across medical device, drug and vaccine trials.

Founded by Andrew Schachter in 2001, Axiom’s mission is focused on providing intuitive, powerful, and cost-effective eClinical solutions that focus on the unique challenges and needs of small-to-medium device, pharma and biotech companies conducting critical, life-saving research. Axiom’s proprietary Fusion eClinical Suite technology empowers study teams to take full ownership of their study data with a selection of over 15 fully unified modules and 24/7 real-time reports and dashboards so study teams can ‘know more, know it sooner, and act faster.’

Schachter shared, “When I founded Axiom 20 years ago, we had a vision of what we wanted to accomplish. Our goals were to change how clinical research was conducted by creating technology to deliver the critical information needed to make key decisions into the hands of the right decision makers in a rapid fashion. We felt that by enabling an environment where every major data point was a click away, studies could be conducted faster, smarter and would ultimately get products to market quicker to help patients in need. Today, 20 years after starting this journey, our incredible team of women and men continue to pursue ways to surpass our original vision. Fusion (eClinical Suite) is used in hundreds of trials across the globe, helping drive clinical solutions in dozens of therapeutic areas. I could not be prouder of our work and the trials we have conducted to help patients around the world.”

Axiom has accomplished tremendous milestones in the past 20 years:

  • Conducted hundreds of trials in dozens of countries with global resources on 4 continents
  • Data managed, analyzed and prepared biostats for studies across dozens of therapeutic areas, from transplant to neuro/stroke, medical devices, oncology, rare diseases, pain, OA, vaccines amongst many areas
  • Handled studies from small to large, ranging from 50 patients to thousands of subjects in key Phase III or registration trials across dozens of countries
  • 20 Years of building and expanding Fusion eClinical Suite, the pre-eminent single sign-on eClinical suite that has been developed by a global team of product designers and software engineers
    • Technology to manage all aspects of the clinical data
    • Randomization tools to ensure that all forms of RTSM/IWRS are handled in the same platform, thereby eliminating multiple systems to manage EDC & IWRS data
    • Technology to manage virtual trials long before the advent of the pandemic pushed the clinical research world to consider expanding these tools in real-world trials   
    • Close to 20 fully integrated eClinical Modules
  • In response to Covid-19 over the past 12 months, Axiom has helped clients craft innovative solutions for global trial continuity (learn more at:

Schachter shared, “The past year, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace at which our industry transforms. Studies around the world have been faced with unprecedented challenges in trial delays and balancing safety with speed on critical research. Axiom has supported client trial continuity in 20 countries, implemented essential remote trial solutions like ePRO and eSource, and kept timelines on track with our rapid study start-up approach. With a key focus on data-driven studies, eClinical Solutions are more important than ever when it comes to enabling sponsors and team members to be aware of critical data and operational issues, trends and potential solutions.”

“Having spent the past 20 years helping leading-edge life science innovators in the space, we look forward to our many goals in the years ahead. I, along with the management team, want to thank our incredible team of professionals, past and present, for their amazing work in building Axiom, Fusion and our suite of services,” concluded Schachter.

Learn more about Axiom’s 20th Anniversary celebrations on our website:

About Axiom Real-Time Metrics

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Axiom delivers intuitive, powerful and cost-effective eClinical solutions and services focused around your entire study. Axiom Fusion eClinical Suite, delivers a powerful range of innovative end-user focused, unified functionality and 15+ modules. Fusion serves as the Connected Hub for your entire clinical study data and operational needs. Fusion Delivers: EDC, DM, IWRS, CTMS, Inventory Management, ePRO, IVR, Patient Portal, AE/SAE Tracking, Safety Database, Central Lab, Imaging, eTMF, and 24/7 Project and Clinical Data Reporting. Services include: Data Management, On-Demand Data Analytics, Biostatistics and Pharmacovigilance.

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