B.C. Honours Excellence in Nursing

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC), the only professional association in the province representing all four nursing designations, is proud to honour 18 exceptional individuals who have demonstrated excellence in nursing practice, research and leadership at the 2018 Nursing Awards of Excellence.

“Recognizing the great work nurses have done is a high priority for NNPBC. When illness or injury occurs, nurses are the first to step forward to help, and it is so appropriate that we honour those who have demonstrated exemplary leadership over the past year,” said Jacqollyne Keath, NNPBC Board Chair.

Nursing Excellence Award winners for 2018 include:

  • Lorine Scott, NP – Lifetime Achievement
  • R. Lynn Stevenson, RN – Lifetime Achievement
  • Janet Kathleen Murphy, RN – Excellence in Nursing Administration
  • Frances MacDougall, RN – Excellence in Nursing Advocacy
  • Zak Matieschyn, NP – Excellence in Nursing Advocacy
  • Victoria Bungay, RN – Excellence in Advancing Nursing Knowledge & Research
  • Helen Brown, RN – Excellence in Nursing Education
  • Silvia Nobrega, RN – Excellence in Nursing Education
  • Bernice Budz, RN – Excellence in Nursing Leadership
  • Fiona Ramsay, RPN – Excellence in Nursing Leadership
  • Brenda Epp, RN – Excellence in Nursing Practice
  • Dwayne Lavigne, LPN – Excellence in Nursing Practice
  • Jacqueline Lum, NP – Excellence in Nursing Practice
  • Karen Young, RN – Excellence in Nursing Practice
  • Vanessa Bland, RPN – Innovation in Nursing
  • Jenifer Tabamo, RN – Innovation in Nursing
  • Jessica Kwanxwalaogwa Key, RN – Rising Star
  • Angela Wignall, RN – Rising Star

This year we are extremely pleased to extend nursing honours and gratitude to three individuals and organizations who continue to be the heart of many communities as we continue to struggle with the ongoing opioid crisis. 

  • Dr. Ann Livingston – Outstanding Community Advocate.  Dr. Livingston is a passionate and focused community organizer who has supported and championed harm reduction policies and access to health care for substance users at the local, regional and national levels.  She is a co-founder of the Vancouver Area of Drug Users (VANDU) and served as Executive Director for 10 years.  Ann continues to work with this community to champion harm reduction services for those who often can’t speak for themselves.
  • Providence Crosstown Clinic – Outstanding Difference Maker.  NNPBC continues to actively work on the frontlines of the opioid crisis in support of nurses and those who use substances.  We recognize and applaud the incredible and ground-breaking work being pioneered by Providence Crosstown Clinic and believe that they set an example that is often quiet and humble, but leading the way in harm reduction and changing lives.
  • Within many of the organizations that support those who use substances, are a set of individuals with lived experience, who are giving back to their community by working within overdose prevention sites, clinics and in back alleys.  These individuals are not nurses or health care providers, but they are saving lives each and every day, and we are endlessly impressed with their dedication and commitment in the face of personal loss and difficult circumstances. Please join us in recognizing 11 peers from across the province who are making a difference in the lives of their friends, neighbours and communities:

    • Bryan Allyn – Insite
    • Rodney Beanish – Overdose Prevention Society
    • Curtis Carter – Safepoint Supervised Consumption Site
    • DJ Joe – Sex Workers United Against Violence
    • Danielle Larrigan – SisterSpace Overdose Prevention Site
    • Robert Larson – Lookout Housing & Health Society – Riverside Shelter
    • Gerald “Spike” Peachey – Brave Coop/NNPBC
    • Joy Phelps – Overdose Prevention Society
    • Tina Shaw – Molson Overdose Prevention Site
    • Lionel Tanguay – Pounds Project
    • Kevin Thompson – Molson Overdose Prevention Site

NNPBC is the only nursing professional association in the province that represents all four nursing designations.  It is the voice for professional practice, advocacy and leadership in nursing, and the jurisdictional representative to the Canadian Nurses Association.

Valerie St. John