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B-Safe electric

Switched on to success

Five years ago, Brian Scheele, President of B-Safe Electric, knew it was time to start his own comprehensive electrical company, one that would always be available for its clients’ commercial, industrial and residential electrical needs. One that would provide them with the same value, integrity and performance he would expect.

With two decades experience as an electrical contractor, Scheele knew the ingredients to a successful business would be a team of the highest qualified electricians. “You never get another chance to make a first impression,” says Scheele. “That’s why we only put the best men on the job and make sure there are still electricians available for any emergency work.”

Focusing on the Mississauga and West Toronto region, B-Safe has been recognized as the People’s Choice Electrical Contractor for two consecutive years and expects  to be nominated again this year by the Mississauga Business Times.

Anecdotes such as the time Scheele went back multiple times to a customer’s business to fix a doorbell at no charge illustrate why B-Safe is the choice of the people. The customer’s existing electrical panel was not powerful enough for the ringer that was required, so Scheele upgraded them to a more powerful transformer, all out of his own pocket and time. Ultimately the customer got the door ringer they had paid for and were very pleased. “We are the professionals,” says Scheele. “People don’t pay for anything other than top quality work and bona fide billing.

“Customers generally only call electricians when they need electricians, so we need to be close and we like to be close to our team for supervision,” says Scheele. “That is why I decided to build B-Safe to a larger level because so many guys are just a man with a van and when he’s busy, you don’t have an electrician. We have an office staff of four and a field staff of 10. Our clients are all still protected with a fully functioning business that can take care of any electrical needs.

“We run about half a dozen trucks daily and  generally have 10 to 15 full-time electricians on staff which includes our four mster electricians, so that makes for great quality control and a knowledgeable staff,” continues Scheele.

Safety first

B-Safe’s focus on safety is a priority, so much so that it is embedded in the company name. Scheele never wants to hear another story like the one out of New Brunswick last year, when a 17-year-old Wal-Mart employee was electrocuted while buffing a damp floor in the automotive repair area.

“The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) puts out data that shows every year between eight and twelve people die at work because of electricity. We take that very seriously. We jokingly say, “that you have slightly slower than the speed of light to change your mind [if you’ve made a mistake].”

All B-Safe electricians have an electrical license, which takes five years to get, and many have spent an additional two years to be eligible to write for the master’s degree. Being a member of multiple business and electrical boards, such as the OEL, MBOT, CSAO, and the WSIB, Scheele regularly attends opportunities for networking and continuing education, which helps keep safety a daily part of the conversations in his business.

“We are proud of our professional service, knowledge, and consulting skills, as well as having the right tool and expertise for every situation. Our customers expect the best service, and always at a competitive price,” says Scheele. “While we have a long list of customers, we welcome new projects and customers.”