B3CG Interconnect

Putting People First

“We are as strong as our labour force. It’s important to listen to our people and work together to get the most out of them. We are selling time. Someone can come to us as their manufacturing arm and can buy plenty of machinery, but in the end, it always comes down to the people.”

These are the words of B3CG Interconnect co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Daniel Guinta.

“We rely on excellent human resources management,” he says of the company. “This is one of our strongest points, because we are very labour intensive. Our focus is always on our labour force. We seek to maintain an enjoyable environment, recognising talent, encouraging initiative and assigning motivating tasks. This is very important in the way we manage the company. We take very careful steps to support our workforce.”

This level of employee appreciation for every ‘cog in the system’ comes in no small part from the complementary mix of each of the founders’ backgrounds.

B3CG is born
Back in 1993, Guinta was working for Triton Electronik. That same year, a company known as Orbtech was created as a special manufacturer for harnessing and cable in the communications industry.

“In 2001, Triton acquired Orbtech and called it Triton Cable. Triton spread that new acquisition into different sectors. They continued working in communications, but also expanded its services into public transport and medical equipment, making harnesses and cables for rail, buses and ambulances,” Guinta recalls.

“In 2008, the managing team of this division decided to make an offer and do a management buy-out so the five managers of that division—one in finance, one in HR, one in sales, one in engineering and one in operation. We decided to put a business plan together and go to the mother-ship of Triton Electronic. We knew that they needed some investment and thought it was a good time to make an offer to them. We told them we wanted to bring this in and take the division to another level. They could gain investment and we could grow with the company.”

Those five managers are B3CG’s co-founders.
“We made that transaction at the end of May 2008,” Guinta says. “The five of us put all of our money into that venture and, with the help of some investors, we bought it. Then we became B3CG. At the end of our first year, we were able to generate $18 million dollars in sales and open a second plant in New York State in late May 2009.”

B3CG today
Guinta has a clear vision for B3CG Interconnect today. “Our goal is to develop manufacturing plants in Québec, the one we have just opened in the States, and eventually one in Mexico,” he says.

Their new facility in Plattsburgh, New York is just the beginning. “It’s a 25,000 square-foot plant. It’s operational right now and we have about 25 employees working out there. Already we’re looking to the United States to develop more business through that factory,” Guinta explains.

“In the short term, we plan to get our New York facility up and running as quickly as possible, getting our efficiency level up to what it should be.”
This plant follows their Québec facility: A state-of-the-art, 40,000 square-foot site with approximately 160 staff. “This one was built to a very high specification in terms of the technology, work area, layout and the safety of both our people and the property,” Guinta says.

“The B3CG mission is to become an indispensible supplier for our clients and give them true piece of mind by delivering innovative outsourcing solutions for cable and harnesses assembly, as well as electro-mechanical sub-assembly and control panels.”

With these impressive sites, valued staff and innovative management comes a surprising range of partnerships.

“We are the manufacturing arm for the rail industry, such as Vapour Rail, as well as for suppliers, such as Volvo. We are also involved with medical companies for which we do harnesses for very hi-tech hospital beds,” Guinta says.

“B3CG has a high-quality standard. We really get involved with our customer, even at the engineering level and of course our workforce flexibility is a big plus. We have developed a lot of special tools to gain on our manufacturing efficiency. We have four patents in process right now, so we even develop our own tools for the trade. This is a huge step forward.”

B3CG tomorrow
“The company vision is to provide a pan-American production platform to a single point of access in Québec,” Guinta says.

“We want to develop our work with public transport, particularly within the rail business sector. A lot of work will go into that seeing as we know that public transport will be a great sector for the foreseeable. People are cutting down on a lot of goods but I don’t think this industry will be touched. Also we’re going towards greener work within the industry. We’re going to do a lot of marketing work to get into that part of the industry. We’re working more and more with Nova Bus to get the hybrid buses going. These are sectors which we look to be more and more involved in.”

Amidst these exciting goals and varied projects, Guinta emphasizes one central strength at B3CG: The People. Whether it is in manufacturing, human resources, sales or anywhere in between, Guinta is keen to stress the importance of a good working environment, a skilled team and a company prepared to listen.

“We have four manufacturing engineers. We need to be able to manufacture customer products efficiently and with a competitive and efficient supply chain. Most of these contracts are on a turnkey basis so this is vital. Then we have great customer service too – so combined with the labour force these are the main focuses for us.”

The management team are equally focused on people-power at B3CG.

“Everyone has their own strengths and tasks. We are a very tight group and well supported too. Our doors are always open. People who visit are really impressed by how we are very close to our people. Often the comments we get are about how comfortable everybody seems with us,” Guinta says.

As B3CG expands to different sectors of the industry and different locations throughout America, they bring with them a first-class history, a strong and varied team and an innate sense for looking after their own. From health and safety to employee feedback, from green innovation to skilled labour forces, B3CG has its ear to the ground and its workers always in mind.