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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Sept. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As back-to-school season is here, SHARP is proud to showcase its range of solutions designed to empower education and beyond. From the cutting-edge Sharp-NEC projectors that illuminate the mind with vibrant visuals, to our interactive displays that foster collaboration and creativity, and the efficient MFPs (Multifunctional Printers) that streamline productivity.

But that’s not all! We’re dedicated to creating a healthier and more productive environment, which is why we offer air purifiers to ensure clean air for everyone, desktop monitors for enhanced visual comfort, calculators for ‘SHARP’ calculations, and laptops that power productivity on-the-go. We have everything educators and students need for a dynamic classroom experience.

Engage Students with Immersive Visuals with SHARP/NEC Projectors:

Create Immersive learning experience with projectors

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Caption: Create Immersive learning experience with projectors

Reading, writing, and resolution? From K-12 to higher education, projectors continue to play an important role in classrooms. As more educational materials, videos, and interactive media are being produced in 4K resolution, having compatible display technology allows educators to fully utilize these resources and provide students with a more immersive learning experience. This level of detail can help students grasp complex concepts more effectively, especially when displayed on larger screens or viewed from closer distances.

SHARP/NEC’s new range of P series projectors is specially designed to meet the needs of higher education. 

Why choose SHARP/NEC projectors:

– Our patented IP5x sealed LCD cooling system eliminates the need for a filter and combined with the maintenance-free laser light source this projector is as close to set-and-forget as you will find in projection.

– The advanced cooling system ensures whisper-quiet operation that eliminates the distraction that can sometimes be caused by a noisier projector.

– From 5400 to 6200 lumens, WUXGA resolution and outstanding LCD colour fidelity the P Series delivers impressive-looking images in all kinds of demanding applications.

– Enjoy time-saving installation flexibility with broad horizontal and vertical manual lens shift, a 1.6x manual zoom lens, roll-free capability and HDBaseT input.

Enrich the Learning Experience with Interactive Boards:

Add interactivity to any classroom with SHARP’s award-winning Interactive boards.

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Caption: Add interactivity to any classroom with SHARP’s award-winning Interactive boards.

In our fast-paced tech-driven world, capturing the hearts of students is a challenge. Educators are integrating technology in the classroom with amazing results. School systems and higher education institutions are among its biggest adopters, and educators appreciate how interactive whiteboards enrich their classrooms and student learning. Add interactivity to any classroom with SHARP’s award-winning Interactive boards. 

Why Choose SHARP Interactive Displays:

1. Enhance Student Engagement:
Hands-on activities, like interactive displays, enable students to interact with the material by touching, drawing, and writing on the board.

2. Collaboration: 
Entire classrooms can join in on educational games, even when learning remotely, since interactive whiteboards offer immediate feedback, which allows students and teachers to easily assess student progress.

3. Enhanced lessons: 
Students can experience a connection to their learning by hearing, seeing, and interacting with the board through touch. Movies, PowerPoint presentations and graphics can be used in addition to standard text-based lessons.

4. Ease-of-use:
One of the biggest perks of having SHARP interactive whiteboards is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Additionally, precise 20-point multi-touch functionality allows multiple people to collaborate effectively and creatively to facilitate effective learning.

SHARP Multifunctional Printers– It’s More Than Just a Copier

SHARP’s Multi-functional Printers (MFPs) are designed to enhance efficiency

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Caption: SHARP’s Multi-functional Printers (MFPs) are designed to enhance efficiency

Despite an increase in digital technologies being incorporated into the classroom and at home, educators are still printing many documents each school year, from homework and assignments to study guides, worksheets, and tests. To say lightly, schools print, and print a lot!

SHARP’s secure and intuitive school Multi-functional Printers (MFPs) are designed to enhance efficiency and reduce your school’s environmental impact. From compact A4 devices to in-house print rooms and reprographics equipment, our bespoke solutions are designed to fit your needs.

Why Choose SHARP Multifunctional Printers:

1. Data Privacy & Security: When printing paperwork that contains confidential data in student records, it’s imperative to safeguard this information to reduce security risks. SHARP MFPs can combine new digital tools with the reliable and necessary task of printing and copying for a seamless and efficient workflow for both students and educators.

2. Integration with Learning Software: SHARP MFPs integrate with multiple learning platforms and allow students to view and print course content or scan assignments directly from MFP’s touchscreen, increasing the timeliness and flexibility of student assignment submissions.

3. Save More: Our print solutions boast some of the lowest power consumption rates in the industry.

4. Environmental Benefits: They include environmentally friendly features such as motion sensor wake-up, staple-less stapling and rules-based printing.

Sharp Air Purifiers: Because the Air Matters a Lot

Trust SHARP Plasmacluster® air purifier with True HEPA filtration

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Caption: Trust SHARP Plasmacluster® air purifier with True HEPA filtration

Did you know that clean air improves children’s health and learning ability? While we can’t eliminate germs, we can curb their spread in schools by addressing air filtration and overall air quality. Trust SHARP Plasmacluster® air purifier with True HEPA filtration. Plus, its Humidification feature adds humidity to the air for improved air quality and maximum comfort, especially in colder weather.

Get the most out of your Laptops & Desktops:

Make learning more collaborative with award-winning Dynabook laptops

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Caption : Make learning more collaborative with award-winning Dynabook laptops

With a comprehensive range of display solutions, SHARP NEC offers a desktop display for almost any school requirement. From cost-conscious to mission-critical, SHARP NEC’s performance-oriented displays combine attractive lifestyle designs with health-conscious ergonomics.

Also, make learning more collaborative with award-winning Dynabook laptops. High-performance processors, robust operating systems, touchscreens, fully loaded features, and seamless performance makes multitasking easy for students and teachers. Dynabook laptop delivers the performance students require while maintaining the price and performance value today’s budgets demand.

‘SHARP’ Calculations and Performance 

Explore our exciting range of world-class calculators for schools

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Caption: Explore our exciting range of world-class calculators for schools

Be it Scientific, Desktop, Handheld or Printing calculators, SHARP has you covered this back-to-school season. Explore our exciting range of world-class calculators for work, school, and business today. For more information, please contact your SHARP Sales Representative.

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