Banknote Technology Report Showcases Nanotech’s KolourDepth as One of the Top New Security Features for Currency Authentication

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nanotech Security Corp. (TSXV: NTS) (OTCQX: NTSFF) (‚ÄúNanotech‚ÄĚ or the ‚ÄúCompany‚ÄĚ), a leader in the development of secure and memorable nano-optic security features used in the government and banknote and brand protection markets, is pleased to announce its KolourDepth‚ĄĘ product was featured in BIN‚Äôs ‚ÄėBanknote Technology Report – 6‚Äô as one of the new industry-leading security features for currency authentication.
The Banknote Technology Report by Banknote Industry News GmbH (BIN) is an annual industry report that details the latest technological developments from top global banknote security device manufacturers and is circulated to central banks and key decision makers in the banknote industry.Donald Scholz, Managing Director at BIN said, ‚ÄúWhen I saw KolourDepth samples for the first time, it was simple to trigger, and offered a high degree of freedom for design and customization. This type of innovation using novel technologies like nano-optics is exactly what the industry needs.‚ÄĚ  Titled ‚ÄėKolourDepth – A unique combination of multi-colour, 3D stereo depth and movement using Nano-Optics‚Äô, the article gives readers an insight into the combination of nano-scale plasmonic colouration and angular viewing of microstructures. This opens pathways to a variety of effects: static full colour imagery, simple colour-shifting films, complex 3D images, and movement that can be realized from a single layer of embossed aluminum-coated structures. Click here to request access to the full report.Exclusive to the government and banknote security industry, KolourDepth‚ĄĘ is easy to initiate and intuitive to authenticate. Based on Nanotech‚Äôs KolourOptik¬ģ nano-optic display technology, KolourDepth security foils and stripes deliver multiple colours and effects in a wide array of custom design options that capture and hold the user‚Äôs attention as they inspect and authenticate a banknote or government document. These security foils and stripes deliver enhanced security which are difficult to replicate due to Nanotech‚Äôs proprietary software algorithms and patented nanostructures, microstructures, and nano-fabrication techniques. KolourDepth is exceptionally thin (< 5 micron) and suitable for multiple application processes and substrates.Overt Banknote Security Features:Multiple 3D ElementsMultiple ColoursOmni-directional MovementOverprintingCovert Banknote Security Features:MicrotextNanotextNano-imageryMachine Readability‚ÄúMultiple application types, proprietary and patented nano-fabrication techniques, high visibility and interactivity make KolourDepth products ideal anti-counterfeit security features for banknotes,‚ÄĚ said Troy Bullock, President and CEO of Nanotech.
About NanotechWith billions of security features in circulation, Nanotech‚Äôs products include secure and memorable security labels, stripes, patches, and colour-shifting films for currency authentication and brand protection.KolourOptik¬ģ is a patented technology that is exclusive to the government and banknote market and combines sub-wavelength nanostructures and microstructures to create modern overt security features with a unique and customizable visual effect. KolourOptik pure plasmonic colour pixels produce full colour, 3D depth, and movement used in security stripes and threads that are nearly impossible to replicate.  At less than 5 microns thick, KolourOptik products seamlessly integrate into banknotes and other secure government documents.LiveOptik‚ĄĘ is a patented technology that utilizes innovative nano-optics one tenth the size of traditional holographic structures to create next generation overt security features customized to our customers‚Äô unique requirements. LiveOptik delivers multi-colour, 3D depth, movement, and image switches for secure brand protection stripes, threads, and labels that are nearly impossible to replicate.Additional information about Nanotech can be found at the Company‚Äôs website, the Canadian disclosure filings website or the OTCMarkets disclosure filings website the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies
of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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