Basketball App for Smartwatches

Onyx Motion Inc., a developer of sports technology has announced the launch of its funding campaign for Swish, the world’s first digital basketball coaching app for smartwatches. This new sports-tech uses motion sensors to analyze an athlete’s technique and provides easy-to-understand tips. With a goal to bring high caliber coaching to players at all levels in training, Onyx Motion has partnered with NBA Athlete, Ben Gordon, as Swish’s director of innovation.

“The Swish technology is bringing users closer to their favorite basketball player by giving them the opportunity to learn from them,” said Ben Gordon, NBA Athlete. “I’m excited to work with the team on the further development of this one-of-a-kind experience and help players at any level improve their game.”

Founded by Marissa Wu, University of Toronto engineering student, Swish focuses on building a player’s skills in real-time with data, tips and inspiration provided by pro athletes. While Swish monitors an athlete’s improvement, it also learns how to provide better tips for each user. The proprietary algorithm inferences the users entire body including jump timing, specific angles and consistency.

“Here at Onyx Motion, we are building the next generation of AI for sports coaching,” said Marissa Wu, CEO of Onyx Motion. “Swish allows mobile devices to break into physical interaction to a point where it can tell you what to do to get better. Our goal was to create a health and fitness device that would give personal recommendations, not just churn out numbers.”

The Swish app is the first step of Onyx Motion’s vision to provide kinesthetic learning across sports and eventually other industries. Onyx Motion’s goal is to raise $10,000 on Indiegogo by August 8, 2015 to fund the launch of an Android Wear app, in addition to developing for the Apple Watch, and capabilities for other sports.

As an incentive to donate to the campaign, Onyx Motion is offering everything from discounted Swish app packages to a one-on-one coaching session with Ben Gordon, to those who place an order before the campaign ends. An FAQ is available on the Onyx Motion website along with background information, technical details, photos, and more details about Onyx Motion’s wearable applications:

About Onyx Motion Inc.: Based in Toronto, Ontario, Onyx Motion is a Canadian high-technology start-up with roots in sports coaching. Its core technology addresses kinesthetic learning of any kind. Founded in August 2014, Onyx Motion has received seed funding from the University of Toronto Early Stage Technology (UTEST) program, theNext36 and MaRS Innovation. Onyx Motion is engaged in developing digital coaching applications for Android Wear and the Apple Watch, incorporating real-time feedback and machine learning. The company is also prototyping applications across sports such as golf and sports rehabilitation.

Media Contact:
Stephanie Plucinsky
Onyx Motion, Inc.
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