BCS Controls

Nova Scotia's Controls Provider of Choice

BCS Controls began operations in June of 2005. The Waverly, Nova Scotia based automation controls solutions provider has grown significantly since they were first covered by The Canadian Business Journal in May, 2012. They proudly service the province’s commercial building sector, working directly with developers, specifying engineers and mechanical or general contractors. They have recently celebrated their 10th anniversary.

To put their aggressive growth rate into perspective, when we first featured BCS Controls in 2012, they had completed around 500 projects. Three years later, they are now at the 900 mark.

Providing environmentally efficient solutions
BCS’s motto is “taking energy management to the next level,” and “efficiency controlled” is their brand promise. BCS’s solutions can reduce a building’s energy usage by 20%, via a number of different techniques, such as: setpoint adjustments, scheduling, outside air reset and utilizing carbon dioxide sensors to control ventilation on a demand basis to ensure great air quality (IAQ). The company has completed a number of LEED projects (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an international rating system for green building).

For example, BCS recently remodeled the Intact Insurance building in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, to meet increasing demand for energy efficiency and monitoring, tenant comfort and flexibility of facility operations. The five-story office tower now features full control of fresh air via an HRV fan system with fresh air volume delivery according to occupant load and carbon dioxide levels. BCS collaborated with the New Brunswick based Greystone Energy Systems Inc. to custom design an electronic thermostat to meet the building’s engineering specifications.

The building also has power meters that are integrated with the BACnet communications protocol for load shedding and demand limit and has BACnet lighting control for both the tenant and retail areas. When the building is resuming power under emergency load, there is a special demand limit sequence that protects critical operations equipment. BCS has also provided the client with preventive maintenance services, remote management, email alerts and customized training to allow full monitoring of the system by the building’s property managers.

Other recent projects include Killam S2 (the second LEED certified residential apartment building in Halifax, Nova Scotia); Sun Life Assurance’s Ravine Centre Two (a LEED Gold certified building in Clayton Park, Nova Scotia); the Kings Wharf Development in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; the Citadel Halifax hotel redevelopment; and new construction of the Membertou School in Nova Scotia’s Sydney area.

Keeping on top of industry trends
BCS’s impressive growth rate and competitive advantage is partly due to their ability to keep up to date on market trends and products.

“There’s been a shift in the market. Customers do not want to pay for and maintain expensive OWS software and on site computer hardware anymore, so all of our systems are now web-based, so you don’t need a specific software program or computer to access them. You just go to an internet browser and you can access your buildings control system remotely and receive email alerts. There’s a lot more ease of operations for the facility and maintenance staff operating the buildings,” Hutt explains.

BCS has a couple of new product lines.
To move forward in the web-based world, BCS has picked up VYKON by Tridium. This product is a versatile interface that connects the company’s systems to almost any type of control system. It can communicate with almost any platform of control system available. Because mechanical equipment can have its own communication protocol and controls built in, the line helps BCS to get the data from equipment and present it to the customers on a graphical display to easily control their equipment and buildings.

At the field control level, BCS uses Neptronic products. Neptronic is a Canadian company with a product line that includes room controllers, VAV controllers, valves and actuators.
“We want to continue to grow in the industry. With these new product lines, we can hit more of the market and inform engineers about what these control systems can do and how efficiently they can do it,” Hutt states.

Taking pride in high quality workmanship
At the end of the day, Hutt claims that simply having a great staff and providing a high level of service is what has made BCS so successful. BCS’s staff is highly trained for the installation and operation of systems. Their construction projects are completed as quickly as possible. They also offer a 24-hour emergency service, and can provide service contracts on controls for buildings that are not equipped with maintenance staff.

“We’ve been able to grow while maintaining our customer base. We’ve got a good group with a lot of experience, and that goes a long way with the customers,” says Hutt.

Providing intuitive energy efficiency solutions for clients throughout Nova Scotia, BCS’s mission is to always build on their foundation of quality workmanship and the pride they put into their projects, no matter the size, from start to finish.