Beaverhall Homes


Beaverhall Homes is a leading residential builder across the Greater Toronto, specializing in starter homes, luxury estates, and increasingly popular condominium towers. Established in 1998, the company has built up a strong reputation for quality homebuilding based on inspired craftsmanship and sound construction experience. Led by President Ami Tamam, who has nearly 35 years of experience in the residential building marketplace, Beaverhall Homes continues to grow and pursue a number of engaging building projects throughout Greater Toronto.

Each project by Beaverhall Homes is founded on quality construction and superior service, and the company attributes its success to the strength and dedication of its team. Tamam told The Canadian Business Journal, “Most important is the construction of a home and what is ultimately most important to a homeowner is the quality of the workmanship, what the home looks like, and how it functions.”

“Customers know that with Beaverhall Homes they are getting a solid home with tremendous resale value, set in an attractive community,” Tamam detailed. “Our attention to quality has brought back many home buyers time and again.”


The Greater Toronto real estate market has been one of the most lucrative in North America in recent years, and Beaverhall Homes has been both a contributor and benefactor of this trend. Looking toward the future, Beaverhall Homes sees significant growth in the high-rise condominium market. As Tamam summarized, “Growth is a very important aspect of creating a successful business.”

Accordingly, Beaverhall Homes has engaged in several outstanding community projects across Greater Toronto in recent years, including two community builds in Whitby (Brookwood), three in Mackenzie Glen of Maple and Thornhill Woods of Vaughan, executive townhome projects in both Mississauga (Shipp Place) and Toronto (Palmerston), plus Regency Estates in Woodbridge as well as Main Street Village in Milton. Beaverhall Homes is also engaged in three condominium projects in Toronto, including the Europa Condominiums at College and Bathurst. Europa Condominiums in Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood showcases European-style designed living, featuring granite-tiled flooring and marble countertops, uniquely situated in a borough of quaint cafes and boutiques.

Its second development, the Ocean Club Condominium in Etobicoke, is a two building design of 10 and 39 storeys respectively, covering 516 condominium units. Situated on Lakeshore Blvd., Ocean Club Condominium offers a bountiful green landscape and stunning views that complement its architectural feel. On the heels of the waterfront trail, residents have readily available access to a variety of outdoor recreational amenities. Ocean Club Condominium reconnects residents with a natural setting that is within close proximity to a major urban centre, catering to the modern lifestyle.

Described as a contemporary oasis, the condominium website reads, “The luminous beauty of Ocean Club radiates outward, with its breathtaking vistas of the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario. Simply put, Ocean Club is for those who love being near the water and the calmness that it brings; it is for those who love to watch the stunning Toronto skyline as it shines beneath the stars; it is for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life without venturing too far yet want to create a special community of their own.”

Beaverhall Homes’ third Toronto condominium development, The Mercer is located in the downtown core and offers modern living in a classic building setting. At the heart of the Entertainment District, The Mercer, which encompasses 33 storeys and 412 units, is situated within a range of neighbourhood amenities. With layered design of brick, stone, and glass, The Mercer captures the modern, contemporary atmosphere that tranquilly expresses its classical and historic character and resonates with the feel of downtown Toronto. Unlike the common and anonymous glass tower condominiums, The Mercer tells the story of its location.

In terms of luxury estate developments, Beaverhall Homes orchestrated Regency Estates of Woodbridge, where home sizes range from 60- to 70-foot housing models. These exclusive estate manor homes unite lifestyle with luxury, and bring the essence of fine living. Covering 34 prestigious developments, Regency Estates offers a formal setting of grand design, brick exteriors, and a range of luxurious and elegant customizable features that create the ideal blend with the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, Forestwood of Milton boasts a similar ambiance, where the breathtaking homes situated in a picturesque landscape speak to the desirability of the location. As with all of its projects, Forestwood of Milton is a true showcasing of the commitment and high craftsmanship that is always demonstrated by Beaverhall Homes.

From functional design work, to its dedication to the best in workmanship, Beaverhall Homes has united its expertise and knowledge in luxurious home building in establishing not only an industry leading home building organization that serves the Greater Toronto marketplace, but also a well-recognized community builder that is truly devoted to offering only the best in modern home design.